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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

  • Randy Steven Kraft

    • Proven: 67
      Unproven: 100

      AKA(s): The Freeway Killer, The Scorecard Killer

      Birth Name: Randy Steven Kraft

    Randy Steven Kraft - Serial Killer

    Randy Steven Craft is a serial killer who was once thought to be three individual killers. He is known as "The Score Card Killer" and "The Freeway Killer." He was born on March 19, 1945, in Long Beach, California. Kraft murders may be as high as 100 murders. As victims were murdered, Kraft kept a scorecard to tally the total. Early Life Randy Steven Craft had a very impressive early life where he excelled in many different areas. Randy spent most of his life in Orang County, California although he…

    Famous Serial Killers Name Randy Steven Kraft

  • Richard Angelo

    • Proven: 8
      Unproven: 25

      AKA(s): Angel of Death

      Birth Name: Richard Angelo

    Richard Angelo - Serial Killer

    Richard Angelo was a former Eagle Scout and a former volunteer firefighter. He really wanted to be a hero and save someone to achieve that status. However, Richard Angelo would try to become a hero in the worst way, attempt to kill someone and at the last second try to save them. Angelo murdered death patients as his victims. His first try was unfruitful when he injected a foreign substance of drugs into the IV tube of John Fisher. The substance caused Mr. Fisher to go into critical condition and…

    Serial Killer Profile: Richard Angelo

  • Richard Ramirez aka Night Stalker

    • Proven: 14
      Unproven: NA

      AKA(s): The Night Stalker, The Walk-In Killer, The Valley Intruder

      Birth Name: Ricardo Leyva "'Ricrd" Munoz"' Richard" Ramirez

    Richard Ramirez aka Night Stalker - Serial Killer

    Richard Ramirez legal name is Ricardo Leyva "Richard" Muñoz Ramírez. He was born on February 29, 1960, in El Paso, Texas and died on June 7, 2013, at age 53 in Greenbrae, California. He was 6' 1" (1.85 m) when he died from B-cell lymphoma (liver failure) in prison while waiting on California's death row for his execution. Richard was an American serial killer, burglar, and rapist. He was a car mechanic in Los Angeles and held other minor jobs as well. He was obsessed and fascinated with Satanism. He…

    Serial Killer Profile: Richard Ramirez aka Night Stalker

  • Robert William "Willie" Pickton

    • Proven: 15
      Unproven: 54

      AKA(s): The Pig Farmer Killer

      Alias: Willie Pickton

      Birth Name: Robert William Pickton

    Robert William "Willie" Pickton - Serial Killer
  • Rosemary West

    • Proven: 15
      Unproven: NA

      Alias: Rosemary Pauline "Rose" West

      Birth Name: Rosemary Pauline Letts

    Rosemary West - Serial Killer
  • Roy Norris

    • Proven: 5
      Unproven: 30

      AKA(s): The Toolbox Killer

      Birth Name: Roy Lewis Norris

    Roy Norris - Serial Killer

    Roy Lewis Norris is also known as The Toolbox Killer. Roy Norris was born on February 2, 1948. Norris was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crimes of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, rape, robbery, assault with attempt to commit rape and assault with a deadly weapon. Roy Norris was apprehended on November 20, 1979 and imprisoned in Pelican Bay State Prison. Roy Norris has 5 proven victims with as many as 30 unproven victims. His serial killings spanned from June 24, 1979 - October 31, 1979. Roy Norris and Lawrence…

    Serial Killer Profile: Roy Norris