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All time recorded serial killers with complete profiles with murders/victims.

Theodore Robert Bundy aka Ted Bundy

Proven: 30
Unproven: 100

AKA(s): Ted Bundy

Alias: Chris Hagen, Kenneth Misner, Officer Roseland, Richard Burton, Rolf Miller

Birth Name: Theodore Robert Cowell

Theodore Robert Bundy aka Ted Bundy - Serial Killer

Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont and died at the age of 42 on January 24, 1989, in Bradford, Florida by electrocution. Bundy was a killer who was convicted of murder and aggravated kidnapping about 30-36 victims or more. He is also known as Chris Hagen, Kenneth Misner, Richard Burtin, Officer Roseland and Rolf Miller. He committed his crimes in Washington, Utah, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and California. He was apprehended twice and escaped once from prison after serving two years. Early Life Ted Bundy's birth name is Theodore Robert Cowell. He was born in a home for unwed mothers called Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers, which is now known as the Lund Family…

Famous Serial Killers Name Theodore Robert Bundy aka Ted Bundy

Thomas Quick

Proven: 8
Unproven: 30

AKA(s): Satermannen ("the Sater Man")

Alias: Thomas Quick

Birth Name: Sture Ragnar Bergwall

Thomas Quick - Serial Killer

Thug Behram

Proven: 125
Unproven: 931

AKA(s): King of the Thugs

Alias: Buhram, Buhram Jemedar

Birth Name: Thug Behram

Thug Behram - Serial Killer

Thug Behram (or Buhram), of the cult in India known as the Thuggee cult, is deemed as the world's most prolific serial killer. In many instances it is said that he murdered some 931 victims by strangulation. He turned his of murder into a 40 year career as a serial killer between the years of 1790-1830. Victims were strangled using his cult's ceremonial cloth, rumal, the Hindi term for handkerchief. It was later said that Behram was merely present during the 931 murders as he was the leader of the Thuggee cult. The gang was comprised of some 25 to 50 men in whom half a dozen of those men lived for the strangulations. Behram's statements have never been verified…

Serial Killer Profile: Thug Behram