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Famous killers of all time recorded as researched. Serial killers assorted by your votes as most interesting. We have searched the internet but have not been satistfied with the other lists of famous serial killers out there so we decided to improve on what was found. We are not trying to idolize these famous murderers but shed some light on the history of these killers and their bio's. The FBI create serial killer profiles and in respect we are trying to do the same.

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  • Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler

    • Proven: 13
      Unproven: NA

      AKA(s): The Boston Strangler, Mad Strangler of Boston, The Measuring Man, The Green Man

      Birth Name: Albert Henry DeSalvo

    Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler - Serial Killer

    Albert Henry DeSalvo is also known as The Boston Strangler and was born on September 3, 1931 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. His father Frank was an alcoholic who was very violent towards his wife, Charlotte. Frank once knocked all of his wife's teeth out and broke her fingers by bending them all the way back. Albert did not have a normal childhood; he was cruel to animals and tortured them. He also shoplifted and stole many items that made him encounter the law on numerous occasions. Albert was arrested when he…

    Famous Serial Killers Name Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler

  • Charles Starkweather

    • Proven: 11
      Unproven: NA

      Alias: Charlie Starkweather

      Birth Name: Charles Raymond Starkweather

    Charles Starkweather - Serial Killer
  • Bruno Ludke

    • Proven: 80
      Unproven: NA

      Birth Name: Bruno Ludke

    Bruno Ludke - Serial Killer

    Bruno Ludke, was a German laundry delivery man who killed at least 80 women between 1928 - 1943. When Nazi officials finally caught up with Bruno, he was sent to a research hospital in Vienna where he was used as a human guinea pig by Nazi doctors. When the experiments were concluded, Bruno Ludke was executed by lethal injection.

    Serial Killer Profile: Bruno Ludke

  • Ahmad Suradji

    • Proven: 42
      Unproven: 80

      Alias: Dukun AS, Nasib Kelewang, Datuk Maringgi

      Birth Name: Ahmad Suradji

    Ahmad Suradji - Serial Killer

    On May 2, 1997, self-described Indonesian witch doctor Ahmad Suradji was arrested by authorities after three bodies were found buried in a sugarcane plantation near his home on the outskirts of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Ahmad, also known as Nasib Kelewang or Datuk Maringgi, initially confessed to killing 16 women over a five-year slaying period. Upon further searching of Ahmad's property, clothes and watches belonging to 25 missing women were uncovered. After further questioning the 48-year-old cattle breeder increased the body count of his 11-year rampage to…

    Serial Killer Profile: Ahmad Suradji

  • Yang Xinhai

    • Proven: 67
      Unproven: 67

      AKA(s): The Monster Killer

      Alias: Yang Zhiya, Yang Liu

      Birth Name: Yang Xinha

    Yang Xinhai - Serial Killer

    Yang Xinhai who is also known as the "Monster Killer" was killed on February 14, 2004 by  a single bullet to the back of his head. He raped 23 women and murdered a total of 67 men, women and children from 1999 - 2003.  Yang killed his victims between four Chinese provinces with axes, hammers and shovels during his 4 year killing spree. Yang Xinhai was born into poverty and grew up being a reserved child, but later on in life he became a well known serial killer. Yang had…

    Serial Killer Profile: Yang Xinhai