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Famous killers of all time recorded as researched. Serial killers assorted by your votes as most interesting. We have searched the internet but have not been satistfied with the other lists of famous serial killers out there so we decided to improve on what was found. We are not trying to idolize these famous murderers but shed some light on the history of these killers and their bio's. The FBI create serial killer profiles and in respect we are trying to do the same.

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  • Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley

    • Proven: 15
      Unproven: NA

    Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley - Serial Killer
  • Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes

    • Proven: 57
      Unproven: 300

      AKA(s): The Monster of the Andes

      Birth Name: Pedro Alonso Lopez

    Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes - Serial Killer

    Pedro Alonzo Lopez was set free from in jail in 1998 although he killed over 350 children and he also vowed to kill again before he was release from prison. He is one of histories abominable killer.  Pedro was the seventh of thirteen children born to a Colombian prostitute in 1949 in Tilmia, Colombia. He was kicked out of his house forever after his mother caught him touching his sister's breast. Pedro was offered a safe home and food to eat from a man after Pedro became a beggar on…

    Serial Killer Profile: Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes

  • Vasili Komaroff

    • Proven: 33
      Unproven: NA

      AKA(s): The Wolf of Moscow, The Shabolovka Street Killer

      Birth Name: Vasili Komaroff

    Vasili Komaroff - Serial Killer

    During the early days of Stalin, Vasili Komaroff was a horse-trader known as "The Wolf of Moscow". Vasili mainly killed for money. His first victim was uncovered in 1921. Twenty-one victims in all were found either strangled, bound, doubled-over and dumped in vacant lots around the Shabolovki District. Authorities linked the killings to the horse-trading market in Moscow that happened every Wednesday and Friday. Authorities soon discovered, anyone whom left with Vasili to see his horses were never to be seen or heard from again. Police found his latest victim…

    Serial Killer Profile: Vasili Komaroff

  • Randy Steven Kraft

    • Proven: 67
      Unproven: 100

      AKA(s): The Freeway Killer, The Scorecard Killer

      Birth Name: Randy Steven Kraft

    Randy Steven Kraft - Serial Killer

    Randy Steven Craft is a serial killer who was once thought to be three individual killers. He is known as "The Score Card Killer" and "The Freeway Killer." He was born on March 19, 1945, in Long Beach, California. Kraft murders may be as high as 100 murders. As victims were murdered, Kraft kept a scorecard to tally the total. Early Life Randy Steven Craft had a very impressive early life where he excelled in many different areas. Randy spent most of his life in Orang County, California although he…

    Serial Killer Profile: Randy Steven Kraft

  • Robert William "Willie" Pickton

    • Proven: 15
      Unproven: 54

      AKA(s): The Pig Farmer Killer

      Alias: Willie Pickton

      Birth Name: Robert William Pickton

    Robert William "Willie" Pickton - Serial Killer