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Famous killers of all time recorded as researched. Serial killers assorted by your votes as most interesting. We have searched the internet but have not been satistfied with the other lists of famous serial killers out there so we decided to improve on what was found. We are not trying to idolize these famous murderers but shed some light on the history of these killers and their bio's. The FBI create serial killer profiles and in respect we are trying to do the same.

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Charles Ray Hatcher

+48% of 27 Voters Interested

Proven: 16
Unproven: 15

Alias: Albert Ralph Price, Richard Lee Grady, Richard Clark

Birth Name: Charles Ray Hatcher

Charles Ray Hatcher - Serial Killer

Charles Ray Hatcher is an American serial killer who was born on July 16, 1929 in Mound City, Missouri. He was born to mother, Lula and an abusive alcoholic ex-convict father, Jesse in a small town. Charles was the youngest of his three siblings and was being bullied at school. Charles and his brothers were using copper wire they found in an old Model T Ford in 1935 to fly a kite. Charles' eldest brother Arthur Allen was hit with a high-voltage power line and was electrocuted as he was about to give Charles the kite. Arthur died, and Charles' parents divorced each other after Jesse left home. Charles moved to St. Joseph with his mother in 1945 after his…

Famous Serial Killers Name Charles Ray Hatcher

Juan Vallejo Corona aka Juan Corona

+59% of 22 Voters Interested

Proven: 25
Unproven: NA

AKA(s): The Machete Murderer

Birth Name: Juan Vallejo Corona

Juan Vallejo Corona aka Juan Corona - Serial Killer

Thomas Quick

+48% of 25 Voters Interested

Proven: 8
Unproven: 30

AKA(s): Satermannen ("the Sater Man")

Alias: Thomas Quick

Birth Name: Sture Ragnar Bergwall

Thomas Quick - Serial Killer

Christopher Bernard Wilder

+71% of 17 Voters Interested

Proven: 12
Unproven: 20

AKA(s): The Beauty Queen Killer

Birth Name: Christopher Bernard Wilder

Christopher Bernard Wilder - Serial Killer

Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot

+44% of 27 Voters Interested

Proven: 26
Unproven: 60

AKA(s): Docteur Satan

Alias: Yonne Auxerre

Birth Name: Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot

Marcel Andre Henri Felix Petiot - Serial Killer