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Freddy Krueger - Best Nightmare on Elm Street

Everyone has wondered what is the best Freddy Krueger movie / Nightmare on Elm Street movie. We decided to make an official Best Nightmare on Elm Street List.

Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger and no one can do a better job. Jackie Earle Haley played the iconic horror movie villain but it was not the same. Freddy Krueger has become one of the top horror movie villains because he is demented, twisted and gruesome. Death is fun to Freddy Krueger and to him, being something of a dream demon, your nightmares belong to him.

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Since the list is heavily user generated but balanced by our own review scores, this is what HellHorror and the horror fans rated as the best Freddy Krueger movie to watch. Please take your time and vote your favorite horror films up in our Top Freddy Krueger Movies list.

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