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Ed and Lorraine Warren Paranormal Investigators

Anyone who knows anything about paranormal investigators knows about Lorraine Warren. The Warrens founded the New England Society for Psychic Research way back in 1952. They were something of the original Ghost Hunters before it was cool and got great ratings on the TV networks.

Among the first to investigate The Amityville Hauntings were Edward "Ed" Warren Miney (September 7, 1926 – August 23, 2006) and Lorraine Rita Warren, (born January 31, 1927). Lorraine is still in contact with Daniel (Danny) Lutz from The Amityville Horror. Ed Warren served in the World War II US Navy and as a police officer before becoming a famous demonologist, author, and lecturer. Ed's wife Lorraine Warren is a clairvoyant and a light trance medium. She used this skill as an invaluable tool in their investigations.

In the Warrens residence is The Warren's Occult Museum which houses evil artifacts. These artifacts were either cursed or haunted and deemed too dangerous to be left out in public hands. Lorraine Warren has scheduled regular blessings for her protection. There is a huge collection of such items recovered from over 10,000 investigations during their lifetime career.

The Warrens trained many current paranormal investigating demonologists including Dave Considine, Lou Gentile, and their nephew John Zaffis. Ed Warren passed away in 2006 but Lorraine continues his legacy by assisting other paranormal investigators in hopes of freeing more people from demonic entities and malevolent evil spirits.

Ed and Lorraine Warren have been noted in many haunting investigations and demon horror films including the recent 2013 horror movie The Conjuring.

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