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Vampire Diaries (2009 - )

The Vampire Diaries (2009 - )

Vampire Diaries (2009 - )

CW - TV Series (2009 - )

Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder
Running: 4 Seasons (2009 - )
Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Romance
We Liked:
Vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts even hybrids vampire-werewolves. Strong vampire lore with vampire originals and bloodlines.

We Disliked:
Too much romance at times, Twilight romance to the extreme. Later seasons have more action.

Our Final Take:
5 / 5 - Excellent

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The Vampire Diaries images
The Vampire Diaries images
The Vampire Diaries images
The Vampire Diaries images

Full Vampire Diaries Episodes

Vampire Diaries Season 4 - Summary

The Vampire Diaries has returned for its third season on CW. It is the story of two vampire brothers who are obsessed with the same girl. Season one has Stefan (Paul Wesley, Fallen) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder, Lost) finally returning to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Stefan then encounters Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev, The Perks of Being a Wallflower) who is the doppelganger, looks exactly like Katherine Pierce (also played by Dobrev). Katherine is the beautiful vampire maker of the brothers back in 1864 that was also the love interest of both brothers. Damon was intent on releasing Katherine from her cave prison after being trapped by the Bennett witch's spell. Season one ends with Elena's uncle Johnathan (David Anders) carefully planning the release of Katherine from her vampire prison and bringing Katherine back into the main storyline.

Season two of The Vampire Diaries has Katherine manipulating the vampire brothers. The love triangle between Stefan, Damon and Elena becomes even more complicated. Mystic Falls' residents must now choose sides as a greater evil has transcended on the sleepy town. Making their way into town are "Original" vampire brothers Elijah (Daniel Gillies, Spiderman 2) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan, Ben-Hur). Klaus and Damon get at each other's throats from the start while focusing his interests in Stefan. Klaus main interests however is to break the "Sun and Moon" curse by sacrificing Elena. Stefan and Damon go to the extremes to protect Elena but Klaus continues to come after Elena without fail. Klaus proves to be unstoppable and by far the most powerful vampire in existence. Klaus carries on the sacrifice, Elena is saved but Aunt Jenna's (Sara Canning, Smallville) tragic death devastates both the Gilbert family and Jenna's boyfriend, Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis, Legally Blonde).

Season three jumps right into exploring the back story of Klaus and the "Original" vampire family. We also learn why Klaus has been focused on Stefan and their history together. Stefan, also know as "The Ripper", spirals down a dark path while Damon and Elena begin to have stronger feelings for one another while trying to "save" Stefan. Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen, Everwood, Piranha 3D) begins to see ghosts after his return from the dead himself. Jeremy begins dating Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham, Honey 2) the strongest living witch and a direct descendent of the Bennett witch bloodline. Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola, Juno) and Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig, Friday Night Lights) break up with Caroline finding new love in Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino, Cane). This ignites a war between the Forbes and the Lockwoods families.

CW's The Vampire Diaries TV show is based on a series of books by L. J. Smith and comes from Bonanza Productions Inc., Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Kevin Williamson (Scream, Dawson's Creek), Julie Plec (Kyle XY, Wasteland), Leslie Morgenstein (Gossip Girl, Private) and Bob Levy (Gossip Girl, Privileged).

Oct. 11, 2012

Growing Pains

S4, Ep1 - Elena awakens from the accident with a new dreadful situation on her hands. The one thing that Elena fear the most has come through, she has died with vampire blood in her body and now she will become a vampire after the painful transition. Bonnie and Jeremy try to find a way to help save Elena's human soul because Elena chooses to die over becoming a vampire. This episode certainly has some twist to it. Rebekah feels strange emotion toward Elena's and Stefan's love for one another. Bonnie looses her power and her grandma pays a terrible price for Bonnie's mistake. Damon is angry that Stefan saved Matt and left Elena to die in the car accident, so he takes out his frustration on Matt violently. Pastor Young did the unthinkable to himself and the town council members leaving his daughter behind. Klaus uses Tyler's body to his advantage to kiss Caroline, but soon becomes tired of using Tyler's body after Caroline knows that it is really him.

Oct. 18, 2012


S4, Ep2 - Pastor Young suicide mission have many mourning. April Young returns to Mystic Falls for her father memorial service to find herself in a predicament that she cannot get out of by herself. At the memorial service, Matt makes a huge sacrifice for Elena as her hunger grew from the smell of blood which was coming from April Young. A new vampire hunter is in town and is at the memorial service, so Elena feeds on Matt. Damon helps Elena in his own way without telling Stefan by giving her blood bags. Elena almost lost control and needed the help of Caroline. Tyler was attacked by the new and extremely dangerous vampire hunter Connor Jordan(Todd Williams).

Oct. 25, 2012

The Rager

S4, Ep3 - Connor who is the new vampire hunter in Mystic Falls discover that Jeremy is also destined to be a vampire hunter because Jeremy is one of the few who can see Connors tattoo on his arm. Connor soon tries to convince Jeremy to join in the fight to kill all the vampires in Mystic Falls. Jeremy betrays Connors trust and leads him into a trap where Damon and Klaus questions Connor in the hospital with the help of Dr. Fells. Klaus and Damon quickly learn how smart and skilled Connor is. Stefan shows Elena that life can still be fun although she is a vampire by taking her on a motorcycle ride which made her let go of her issues and be free with the wind. Tyler gets a visit from a female friend that help him break his sire bond, but Klaus thinks that Tyler and his female friend Hayley are intimate.

Nov. 1, 2012

The Five

S4, Ep4 - Klaus made Stefan talk Rebekah into meeting with them so they can learn more about the vampire hunters from the 1100 AD. Rebekah once dated a vampire hunter in 1100 AD who tried to kill Rebekah but he didn't succeed and Klaus killed his crew. Elena, Bonnie and Damon visited Whitmore College which is where Bonnie's grandmother taught an Occult Studies class which is now taught by Professor Shane. Professor Shane throws a costume party where Damon tries to teach Elena how to feed properly and how to choose the right victim. Bonnie gets upset when she saw blood all over Elena and how intense it was getting between Damon and Elena dancing together. Rebekah tries to win Matt over but fails at her attempt.

Nov. 8, 2012

The Killer

S4, Ep5 - Connor takes Jeremy, April and Matt hostage at the Grill and set nails soaked in vervain in a glass bottle that is rigged and will explode when certain traps are stepped on. Stefan and Klaus have an uneasy relationship in order to try to stop Connor from succeeding with his plan. Klaus warns Stefan not to betray him and tell anyone about their secret. Stefan tries to lie to Damon because Damon wants to kill Connor at any cost and Stefan needs to keep Connor alive for Klaus. Klaus needs Connor alive because there is a possibility that Elena can return to being human. Caroline finds Hayley at the Lockwood mansion and overheard a conversation with Tyler and Klaus and assumes everything Klaus is saying is true. Tyler explains to Caroline that he had to let Klaus believe that Hayley and him were intimate because that is the only way he can help to break other werewolves sire bond and he need Hayley to help him. Professor Shane tries to help Bonnie perform magic again by helping her to forget her fears.

Nov. 15, 2012

We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

S4, Ep6 - Elena is having terrible hallucination where she thinks she is being haunted by Katherine. Elena's Hallucination leaves her shaken and confused which causes her to make a terrible mistake. Klaus reveals to Stefan that what Elena is going through is normal because hallucination is what happens to the one who kills a vampire hunter that is one of the five. Klaus then decided to take matter into his own hands. Damon and Bonnie discovers something shocking about ancient witchcraft from Professor Shane. Jeremy begins a new chapter in his life with the help of Klaus and Stefan. Matt tells Damon some new information about Professor Shane that is not good.

Sep. 15, 2011

The Birthday

S3, Ep1 - Elena's friend Caroline is busy planning Elena's 18th birthday but Elena is busy focusing on finding Stefan. Damon is also looking for Stefan while keeping hiding info from Elena so that Klaus will not find out that Elena is alive. Stefan and Klaus are hot the the trail of werewolf Ray Sutton. Jeremy starts working at Mystic Grill along with Matt. Jeremy is now seeing ghosts of Vicki and Anna since Bonnie used magic to bring him back to life.

Sep. 22, 2011

The Hybrid

S3, Ep2 - Klaus seeks even more power with the unwilling help of werewolf Ray Sutton but things still go horroribly wrong. Damon and Alaric decide to go along with Elena's new plan to find Stefan. This leads to Damon fighting a new type of enemy, a werewolf-vampire hybrid monster. Jeremy finds help in Matt in dealing with the ghosts from his past. Tyler fights with his mother while Caroline falls into danger without Tyler suspecting she needs him.

Sep. 29, 2011

The End of the Affair

S3, Ep3 - Klaus and Stefan travel to Chicago and Stefan meets a new vampire who has a past with him and still likes him. We are sent to the 1920's in a flashback where Stefan remembers that he was a gruesome killer known as "The Ripper" with a wild life. Damon and Elena find out where Stefan and Klaus are begin their journey to find them. Tyler begins to worry about Caroline and turns to Caroline's mother, Sheriff Forbes for help.

Oct. 6, 2011

Disturbing Behavior

S3, Ep4 - Klaus while in Chicago uses Gloria, a witch he knows from his long past, to help him figure out the reason why he cannot make hybrid vampire-werewolves. Gloria figures out the reason with some help from Stefan. Stefan is aided by a surprising ally. Damon fights a new enemy that will have everlasting consequences. Caroline faces emotional issues that she must overcome.

Oct. 13, 2011

The Reckoning

S3, Ep5 - Caroline overcomes all her emotional troubles and helps her friends enjoy a traditional Senior Prank Night before the new school year starts. Uninvited guests appear and the night quickly turns evil. Damon talks Jeremy into using his new abilities of talking to the dead to find a way to defeat Klaus. Klaus finally cracks Stefan and uses him like a tool for ever increasingly violent and dangerous acts.

Oct. 20, 2011

Smells Like Teen Spirit

S3, Ep6 - Elena, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt are still feeling the aftermath of recent events. They are still coming to terms with everything even though Tyler seems to be easy going and having a little too much fun. Damon has a new house guest and is hating every vampire minute of it. Alaric has a new arrival in his history class. Matt makes a big mistake and turns to Bonnie for help. Stefan continues to carry out the evil plans of Klaus already set into motion.

Oct. 27, 2011

Ghost World

S3, Ep7 - Spirits of the dead invade Mystic Falls on the traditional night of Illumination Night. Damon gets battered in a fight with a angry spirit so he turns to Bonnie to figure out what is happening. Elena along with Jeremy try a new method to reach out to Stefan, Jeremy has a tough choice to make. Alaric finds a hidden clue to the past.

Nov. 3, 2011

Ordinary People

S3, Ep8 - Alaric with the aid of Elena and Bonnie try to decipher the meaning behind the clue from the previous episode. Elena and Rebekah, played by Claire Holt, take knocks at each other in a girl power struggle. Rebekah spills the truth about her family's ancient secrets that she shares with Klaus and Elijah. Damon tries something new and dangerous to get a hold back on Stefan. A new ally is formed in the most unlikley circumstances.

Nov. 10, 2011


S3, Ep9 - Homecoming dance starts and Rebekah tells Elena why this night is so special to her. Tyler shocks Caroline and Matt with more weird behavior. Klaus reveals yet another plan that has been started. Damon is determined to outsmart Klaus thus engaging in a shaky partnership with an interesting outcome.

Jan. 5, 2012

The New Deal

S3, Ep10 - Stefan steals the coffins of Klau's family. Klaus violently tries to threaten Elena and Damon into helping him find his family back or else no one will be safe in Mystic Falls. Tyler makes further progress with his new abilities as a hybrid. Elena and Alaric worry over Jeremy's safety and attitude. Alaric meets the beautiful Dr. Fell. She is amazed by his ability to heal himself quickly.

Jan. 12, 2012

Our Town

S3, Ep11 - Caroline is in no mood to celebrate her 18th birthday even though Elena, Bonnie and Matt surprise her with a small birthday party. Vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan, cannot agree on how to deal with Klaus. Stefan instead takes matters into his own hands and uses a reckless plan. Alaric uncovers the truth about Dr. Fell at a Founder's meeting. Bonnie and Elena once again worry over Jeremy. Tyler disagrees with Klau's demands.

Jan. 19, 2012

The Ties That Bind

S3, Ep12 - Tyler seekd a way to break free from Klaus. Bonnie and Elena reveal the identity of the fourth coffin. Alaric's new friend Dr. Fell has a new secret no one suspects. Stefan discovers a new secret in Elean's life that even shocks him.

Feb. 2, 2012

Bringing Out the Dead

S3, Ep13 - Sheriff Forbes reveals some new details on the weapon used in recent murders. As the Salvatore brothers continue to plot to kill Klaus, they both go with completely different plans to set into motion. Klaus hosts a strange dinner party revealing even more from the original vampire's past. A unexpected guest crashes the party early. Caroline is left heartbroken as a new tragedy comes to past.

Feb. 9, 2012

Dangerous Liaisons

S3, Ep14 - Elena recieves an invite to a formal ball held at Klaus newly renovated mansion and upon hearing so, the Salvatore brothers insist on tagging along for extra protection. Caroline and Matt also recieve their own invitations. Elena learns of yet another plan that will involve many deaths and she must choose who to trust with the new information. Caroline becomes the love interest of Klaus.

Feb. 16, 2012

All My Children

S3, Ep15 - The Original family is having problems with their internal power and none of Elena's friends agree with her on how they should deal with this advantage. Bonnie and Abby takes part in a ritual to mollify the spirits of nature. Elena's life is put in danger when Elijah gives Damon and Stefan a deadly warning. Meredith and Alaric helped Stefan and Damon with a plan that points to a dangerous outcome.

Mar. 15, 2012


S3, Ep16 - Damon remembers crimes a century ago that are similar to the current crimes taking place in Mystic Falls. Damon also recalls a slender beautiful woman vampire named Sage who showed him a new way to exist in the year 1912. Damon believed that Sheriff Forbes is chasing the wrong suspect so after being warned to stay out of her investigation, Damon did what Damon does best and pry. Elena and Matt are trying to find proof that Dr. Fell is the murderer by breaking and entering in hope of finding evidence. Rebekah is trying to locate one of the towns oldest landmark with reasons only known to her.

Mar. 22, 2012

Break on Through

S3, Ep17 - At the Wickory Bridge restoration ceremony, Damon and Sage meet each other again after a century ago. Sage has returned to Mystic Falls for a special reason and lets Damon in on the plan. Sage plan involves her and Damon teaming up together to enter Rebekah's brain to know what she is up too. Bonnie and Caroline is trying very hard to help Abby adapt to her new life as a vampire but Abby is having a difficult time. Elena's friend is in danger and she asks Stefan to help her hoping that Stefan will come closer to his humanity. Damon finds a new weapon to destroy the Original vampires and tells Stefan about it.

Mar. 29, 2012

The Murder of One

S3, Ep18 - Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline and Matt devised a plan to kill Klaus. Bonnie creates spells for Klaus because Klaus threatened to hurt Jeremy if she doesn't do what he tells her to do. Sage is helping Klaus and Rebekah by trying to convince Finn to agree with his brothers and sister. Stefan had a heartbreaking moment with Elena where she was told that she had to choose...

Apr. 19, 2012

Heart of Darkness

S3, Ep19 - Elena and Damon need Jeremy's help with his special abilities to help them reveal the ancient vampire bloodlines. Damon and Stefan needs to know which Original turned Rose into a vampire. Jeremy does not know his closest friend is a vampire whose enemies with Damon and Stefan. There is one Original vampire killing weapon left and Klaus and Stefan goes to extreme deadly measures to get information on where it is. Tyler returns to town and suspects some sort of romance between Klaus and Caroline. Matt tries to distract Rebekah and keep her away from the others by making her head of the schools upcoming 1920s decade dance.

Apr. 26, 2012

Do Not Go Gentle

S3, Ep20 - This episode was very captivating. It is a must see. Damon and Meredith is trying to find a way to bring Alaric back from his alter ego self while Alaric finds an unexpected partner named Esther who guides him on his new path to kill vampires. Caroline suggested to Elena to ask Stefan to the 1920's decade dance while Bonnie asks Jamie to be her date. Caroline was surprised to see Tyler at the dance but then Klaus intruded and tried to separate them as much as possible because Tyler is supposedly under his spell. Klaus tells Caroline that one day she will be his. Esther puts a spell around the school to keep all vampires in the school grounds. Stefan and Damon then realizes that they need Jeremy and Matt's help to protect Elena since they cannot leave the school. Bonnie and Abby tries to undo Esther's spell which can turn deadly for everyone while Esther turns Alaric into an Original vampire to kill Klaus and the other Original vampires. Alaric then kills Esther and did not complete his transformation in becoming an Original vampire. Alaric is surrounded by his loves ones who are mourning his last moment on earth. Alaric then consolidated himself with Damon until he dies but Esther compels Bonnie to give Alaric blood to complete the transformation. It was a very interesting episode.

May. 3, 2012

Before Sunset

S3, Ep21 - Klaus tries to carry out his plan on leaving town with Elena but was stopped by his new enemy Alaric who is the Original vampire hunter. Bonnie asked Abby to help her with a spell to stop Alaric's heart which was the same spell Abby used on Mikeal. Alaric tries to enforce Elena's feelings towards vampires by forcing Elena to come to the school after he captured and torture Caroline and Alaric then tried to force Elena to kill Caroline. Klaus, Damon and Stefan rushes to save Elena after she is being held captive by Alaric for trying to save Caroline. Klaus tells everyone that it is his bloodline that Damon, Stefan and Caroline came from. Klaus makes sure that Caroline gets home safely as she was escaping from Alaric in the school. Klaus tried to safe Elena from Alaric but Alaric in turn acted quickly and is ready to stake Klaus but Klaus carried out his plan and safe Elena for his own needs. Klaus wants to bleed Elena dry before leaving town with her blood because if Elena dies then so does Alaric. Tyler, Stefan and Damon used the desiccation spell which stops Klaus heart without killing Tyler. Damon and Stefan decided that whichever brother Elena chooses, the other will be happy and leave town. Alaric is set out to expose the Sheriff and Mayor in front of the council for failing to protect the town because they both have kids who are vampires.

May. 10, 2012

The Departed

S3, Ep22 - Jeremy becomes the secret hero by trying to save his sisters live by making a decision that will change everything. Elena remembers the simpler times when her parents were alive and longs for that again. Damon and Stefan leaves Mystic Falls on a mission but soon goes there own way when Elena needs one of them to go back home. The Sheriff and Mayor urges their children Caroline and Tyler to leave Mystic Falls. Alaric kills Klaus but Bonnie makes a secret deal to reincarnate Klaus in the body of Tyler so that her friends wouldn't die. Everyone believes that Klaus is lying about being the head of their bloodlines but didn't tell anyone and kept this to their individual self. Elena and Matt got into a car crash and Elena remembers when her parents and her had got into a similar car crash that took her parents lives. Stefan came to the rescue but Elena signals Stefan to save Matt instead of her. Alaric says goodbye to Jeremy in ghost form after Elena basically kill herself by saving Matt so that Alaric would also die with her. Dr.Fell reveals that Elena didn't have a concussion but she had a bleeding in the brain and she had to give Elena vampires blood to save her life. I cannot wait for season 4 on October 11. 2012.

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Sep. 10, 2009


Elena Gilbert is a teenager in the small town of Mystic Falls. Elena and her brother Jeremy are trying to come to terms with the tragic death of their parents. Elena deals with the grief by immersing herself in school and friends while Jeremy turns to drugs to ease his pain. One day Stefan Salvatore moves to Mystic Falls and joins the school. Elena instantly feels a connection to Stefan. Elena is however unaware of Stefan's mysterious past and his brother Damon.

Sep. 17, 2009

Night of the Comet

Mystic Falls celebrates the passing of a comet through a town festival. Vicki finds herself in the hospital after a mysterious animal attack. Stefan uses his ability to make Vicki forget what happened. Vicki's brother Matt interupts before Stefan can finish. Jeremy continues his downward spiral while also struggling with his feelings for Vicki.

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Storyline Synopsis

The Vampire Diaries follows two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. They finally come back to their hometown and where they first became vampires. Stefan leads a noble life vowing not to take human lives and feasting on blood of animals. Stefan, weakened, watches over his evil brother Damon who has "switched" off his humanity, hurting anyone he pleases. Stefan falls in love with Elena who is a school girl, recently lost her parents in a car accident. Elena's best friend is Bonnie who is a powerful witch, did I also mention there are werewolves too.

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