Sucker Human Killer Mosquito Trailer

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Sucker - Human Killer Mosquito

AKA: Sucker
Year: 2013
Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 0M1S
Cast: Lloyd Kaufman, Danny Mooney, Monty Bane, Franklin Ruehl, Jimmy Doom, Kron Moore, Kimberley Kates, Jordan Trovillion, Ricky Wayne, Lee Thomas, Michael Manasseri, Lauren Petre, Sarab Kamoo, Ted Myers, Falah Cannon
Director(s): Michael Manasseri
Jim Crawley (MICHAEL MANASSERI) is having a really bad day. He gets fired from his job at the nuclear power plant, his car is impounded and he discovers his wife having an affair. To make matters worse, Jim gets himself abducted by an evil scientist looking to conduct human testing for a vaccine against a deadly mosquito borne virus spreading across the planet. It turns out that years of exposure to nuclear radiation and rabid mosquito DNA don"t mix very well and Jim transforms into a half man-half mosquito, hell bent on revenge. Sucker... payback"s an itch. Directed by Manasseri, Produced by KiMBERLEY KATES AND STEPHEN ECKELBERRY. Big Screen Entertainment Group (Stock Symbol: BSEG) is a publicly traded company in the United States based in Hollywood California.


Down on his luck and unlikely hero, Jim Crawley is having the worst day of his miserable life. He decides to end it all and even fails at that. An improbable event changes everything and he becomes a half man/half creature.
Sucker - Human Killer Mosquito