Excision (2012) Trailer

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Excision (2012)

Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M13S
Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Bill Oberst Jr., Ray Wise, Traci Lords, Roger Bart, Jeremy Sumpter, AnnaLynne McCord, Ariel Winter, Matthew Gray Gubler, John Waters, Matthew Fahey, Brennan Bailey, Molly McCook, Rachel Ann Mullins, Sidney Franklin
Excision is so disturbing that it is just scary in its own way. I felt like watching the trailer was similar to the feeling I felt when I saw Dead Girl. I couldn"t stop watching the trailer but this looks truly gross and captivating at the same time. Check out this horror movie trailer but make sure you are ready to see what it has to offer. The film stars AnnaLynne McCord (90210), Traci Lords (Cry Baby), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Roger Bart (Desperate Housewives), Jeremy Sumpter (Soul Surfer), Malcolm McDowell, Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds), Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God), Ray Wise (Good Night and Good Luck) and John Waters. Synopsis: Excision is the story of Pauline, played by McCord, who is the extreme teenage outcast. She picks scabs, dissects road kill, dremas of performing surgery on strangers and other weird things. She scares her parents Phyllis (Lords) and Bob (Bart)along with her schoolmates. Grace is her younger sister and perhaps the only person who understands her but suffers from cystic fibrosis. She is convinced that the only way to get back on everyone"s good side is to perform a risky operation on her sister to save her sister"s life. Director: Richard Bates Jr. Writer: Richard Bates Jr. Stars: AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords and Ariel Winter
Excision (2012)