True Blood Season 5: Weeks Ahead Trailer

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True Blood Season 5: Weeks Ahead

HBO"s True Blood Season 5 is looking like it will be one of the bests seasons ever. We get a long look into the season with some nice plot spoilers. We also get to see returning characters and new characters for this season. Some characters will be returning as different monsters all together. I am so excited I can"t wait. This is by far one horror TV series that I have been waiting for a while. We will be getting a deeper look into the Vampire council and their laws. Bill and Eric will be on the receiving end of the council members punishment. How will they be saved? Who will save them?


Telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters a strange new supernatural world when she meets the mysterious Bill, a southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire.
True Blood Season 5: Weeks Ahead