Dracula 0.9 (2013) Trailer

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Dracula 0.9 (2013)

Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M16S
Cast: Paul Lapidus, Nathalie Legosles, Jose Luis Matoso, Virginia Palomino, Javier Caffarena, Antonio Del Río, Francisco Del Río
Director(s): Emilio Schargorodsky

Director Emilio Shargorodsky brings us a spanish film Dracula 0.9; a take on the popular Dracula character inspired by Bram Stoker"s work. From the trailer, the vampire film is really dark and fearful. I love that vampires are finally getting scary again. Check out the trailer for Dracula 0.9 and drop a comment on what you think of the film.

Synopsis: Lucy (Nathalie Le Gosles), a beautiful young woman, holds a passionate and bloody affair with Dracula (Javier Caffarena). Van Helsing (Paul Lapidus), an occult expert, tries to save Lucy from the clutches of the vampire. Many years later, after nine eclipses, Lucy recovers from a strange amnesia and begins to realize her true identity, remembering everything that happened to her and how she was turned into a creature thirsty of blood. Will Van Helsing be able to rescue her or will Lucy"s dark dream of living eternally with Dracula become true?

Dracula 0.9 movie still of Dracula

Dracula 0.9 vampire movie still

Dracula 0.9 vampire movie poster

Dracula 0.9 (2013)

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