Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch (2013) Trailer

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Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch (2013)

AKA: Raptor Ranch
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M58S
Cast: Glen Barry, Lorenzo Lamas, Donny Boaz, Charlene Gleeson, Al Burke, Alexandra Nicole Hulme, Declan Joyce, Carrie Newell, Jack Gould, Ines Brigman, Kyle Little, Tooraj Ban, David Bowman, Marcus M. Mauldin, Aaron Butler
Director(s): Dan Bishop

Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch is the latest Jurassic Park/Jurrassic World knock-off but it looks okay for a horror B movie. We get loads of dinosaur action and they actually look pretty good. We have scored the trailer, movie poster and movie stills so check them out below. Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch is directed by Michael Beberashvili and Dan Bishop. Old time The Renegade star Lorenzo Lamas stars with Jana Mashonee, Cole Brown, Donny Boaz, Cody Vaughan and Alexandra Hulme.

Synopsis :They’re not just raising cattle in Texas. They’re raising 70 million years of prehistoric terror. Move over Jurassic Park; here’s come Raptor Ranch! Yee-Haw! A modern day Texas community is overrun by vicious prehistoric velociraptors that obviously did not get the memo about being extinct. A group of lost college students and a local Native American girl try to survive the raptor onslaught at Fossil Ridge. A special CSI and FBI team is dispatched to investigate the killings and are blown away at what they find!

Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch Movie Still

Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch Movie Still 2

Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch Movie Still 3

Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch Movie Still 4

Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch Movie Poster


Fossil Ridge, once believed to be a cattle ranch is discovered to be a breeding ground for vicious prehistoric velociraptors. When the bloodthirsty dinosaurs escape, the townspeople must fight to survive the deadly raptors.
Jurassic Dark: Raptor Ranch (2013)

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