Dracula: The Impaler (2013) Trailer

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Dracula: The Impaler (2013)

AKA: The Impaler
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M47S
Cast: Mindy Robinson, Mark Jacobson, Vera Nova, Michael Ulmer, Brianna Bazler, Carissa Bazler, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Diana Angelson, Christian Gehring, Christina Collard, Teo Celigo, Marcienne Dwyer, Rocco Nugent, Katelynn Derengowski, B.D. Freakin
Director(s): Derek Hockenbrough

Full Moon Films and Derek Hockenbrough have a new vampire movie trailer for Dracula: The Impaler (2013). Also included here is the international movie poster. I grew up watching great Full Moon Films and I am happy that the quality has returned. I will definitely watch Dracula: The Impaler first chance I get. Diana Busuioc, Christian Gehring and Christina Collard.

Synopsis: Seven high-school friends begin their Euro-trip at the actual castle of Vlad the Impaler where he supposedly sold his soul to the devil over 500 years earlier, but the decrepit castle"s past envelopes them in a bloody ritual.

Dracula: The Impaler movie poster

Dracula: The Impaler (2013)