Treehouse (2014) Trailer

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Treehouse (2014)

Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M51S
Cast: Clint James, Elaine Jenkins, Daniel Smith, Meghan Socha, Mallory Malibu Waugh, Dana Melanie, Debbie Forrester, J. Michael Trautmann, Daniel Fredrick, Nick Herra, Darren Kennedy, Victoria Spencer Smith, Caleb Cox, Vincent Michael-Smith, Chance Nichols
Director(s): Michael G. Bartlett

Michael G. Bartlett"s Treehouse (2014) definitely has a terrific creepy factor and has been receiving a lot of praise. I really see this horror movie as a great suspense thriller and I want to see more. Dread Central even called this horror film "A Modern Day 80s Horror Classic." Treehouse stars J. Michael Trautmann, Dana Melanie and Clint James.

Synopsis: The story for Treehouse focuses on missing teenagers and unknown shadows in the local Missouri woods. A brother and sister are kidnapped and two brothers find one of the victims, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is alone and afraid, in an isolated fort; several shadows lurk below. All three classmates will have to face an unimaginable evil, if they are to survive the night.

Treehouse (2014)