Borgman (2013) First 5 Minutes Preview

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Borgman (2013) - First 5 Minutes Preview

Year: 2013
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Type: Previews
Duration: 4M57S
Cast: Eva van de Wijdeven, Annet Malherbe, Gene Bervoets, Mike Weerts, Pierre Bokma, Reinout Scholten van Aschat, Benjamin Boe Rasmussen, Ariane Schluter, Jan Bijvoet, Abdenbi Azzaoui, Hadewych Minis, Reinier Bulder, Jeroen Perceval, Bert Bunschoten, Alex van Warmerdam
Director(s): Alex van Warmerdam

Alex van Warmerdam"s Borgman (2013) promises to be one creepy movie. The preview starts with some men getting ready to hunt something. We soon find that they are hunting a homeless man for some reason. This dude lives in an underground home that you have to see to believe. He (Borgman) makes a witty escape. Check this out as it is something new and really makes you interested in the movie. Starring in Borgman are Jan Bijvoet, Hadewych Minis and Jeroen Perceval.

A dark suburban fable exploring the nature of evil in unexpected places, BORGMAN follows an enigmatic vagrant who enters the lives of an upper-class family and quickly unravels their carefully curated lifestyle. Charming and mysterious, Camiel Borgman seems almost otherworldly, and it isn’t long before he has the wife, children and nanny under his spell in a calculated bid to take over their home life. However, his domestic assimilation takes a malevolent turn as his ultimate plan comes to bear, igniting a series of increasingly maddening and menacing events.


A vagrant enters the lives of an arrogant upper-class family, turning their lives into a psychological nightmare in the process.
Borgman (2013) - First 5 Minutes Preview