Movies: Horror Trailers

  • Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy - Trailer (Game)

    The Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy trailer looks awesome! Watch the game trailer as you are tasked with killing Hitler as he raises a Nazi Zombie Army. The gameplay looks fantastic. The Sniper Elite Zombie Army releases for the Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC on March 6, 2015.

  • The Gracefield Incident (2015) - Trailer

    The Gracefield Incident (2015) - Trailer

    The Gracefield Incident (2015) looks fantastic! Director Mathieu Ratthe at the very least delivered a solid movie trailer, joking aside, the new sci-fi film looks great. I am not an alien movie fan but this one has definitely captured my interest so I vote this as a must see movie trailer. Starring in The Gracefield Incident are Kimberly Laferriere, Alex C. Nachi and Mathieu Ratthe. There is no official movie synopsis yet but the movie trailer should suffice…

  • The Eve (2014) - Trailer / Poster

    The Eve (2014) - Trailer / Poster

    Ritchie Steven Filippi's The Eve (2014) is a horror thriller movie that now has a trailer and poster attached. Check out the movie trailer and wait for the pace to pick up halfway through the trailer. The poster looks good too, not over the top but not bad either. Starring in The Eve are Evan Bass, María DiDomenico and Al Thompson. Synopsis: Friends head off to the remote island of Martha's Vineyard to celebrate New Year's Eve…

  • Pod (2015) - 'Into the Basement' Clip

    Pod (2015) - 'Into the Basement' Clip

    Mickey Keating's Pod (2015) horror movie is definitely growing on me with this new movie clip. 'Into the Basement' builds up a lot of suspense and really sets the pace for the full movie. Pod will be playing at the SXSW 2015 on Monday March 16, Tuesday March 17 and Thursday March 19. Starring in Pod are Larry Fessenden, Lauren Ashley Carter and Brian Morvant. Synopsis: After receiving a troubling voicemail, estranged siblings Ed and Lyla travel…

  • Clown (2014) - UK Trailer and DVD / Blu-ray Release Details

    Clown (2014) - UK Trailer and DVD / Blu-ray Release Details

    Eli Roth produced Clown (2014) directed by Jon Watts looks amazing. I love this new UK trailer that shows even more scenes of the demon clown. I feel sorry for all of you who are scared of clowns. The Clown UK Blu-ray / DVD will release today, March 2, 2015. Starring in Clown are Peter Stormare, Eli Roth, Laura Allen and Elizabeth Whitmere. Synopsis: It’s Jack’s 10th birthday, but the clown has cancelled. His dad, Kent, finds…

  • The Veil (2015) - Trailer

    The Veil (2015) - Trailer

    Brent Ryan Green's The Veil (2015) movie trailer is short and sweet clocking in at a little under a minute. The movie trailer is done well and I have to say that I feel a little like it has some elements of Far Cry 3, if you played the game and read this movie's synopsis you will know what I mean. The Veil stars William Moseley, William Levy and Nick E. Tarabay. Synopsis: Set in a war-torn land…

  • Alien Tampon (2015) - Trailer

    Alien Tampon (2015) - Trailer

    Please excuse the image but I have no control over that. Alien Tampon (2015) is directed by Jan Zenker and... what a disturbing image that title brings to mind. Putting the imagery aside, the movie trailer looks pretty good and the movie looks pretty good too. After watching the trailer I really want to see the movie because it looks funny, especially the accents. Starring in Alien Tampon are Tom Beck, Ramona Beckmann and Bejo Dohmen. Synopsis: When…

  • Spring (2014) - Updated Trailer 2

    Spring (2014) - Updated Trailer 2

    Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead released a new movie trailer that looks wonderful. As far as horror sci-fi romance movies go, Spring (2014) looks exceptional and if you still are wondering about the film, you must see this trailer. This is a wonderful love story separated by a very horrific sci-fi occurrence that must be seen. Starring in Spring are Lou Taylor Pucci, Nadia Hilker and Vanessa Bednar. Synopsis: A young man in a personal tailspin flees…

  • Backcountry (2014) - Trailer

    Backcountry (2014) - Trailer

    Director Adam MacDonald has released a new movie trailer for Backcountry (2014). This is a drama horror thriller movie features a couple who falls victim you a black bear while on a camping trip. IFC Midnight and D Films is bringing this film that is also actually based on a true story. The movie trailer shows some great fears/scares and action, I am sold, I have to see Backcountry. Starring in Backcountry are Missy Peregrym, Eric Balfour and…

  • The Walking Deceased (2015) - Trailer

    The Walking Deceased (2015) - Trailer

    Scott Dow's The Walking Deceased (2015), also known as Walking with the Dead (2015), is a new horror comedy movie parody for AMC's The Walking Dead TV series. The new zombie film, based on the trailer, looks extremely dumb-funny! The Walking Dead fans should embrace this film but either way, watch the trailer. Starring in The Walking Deceased are Tim Ogletree, Joey Oglesby and Dave Sheridan. Synopsis: When a police officer wakes up in a hospital to find…