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  • Cybernatural (2014)

    Director Levan Gabriadze's Cybernatural (2014) has a new type of horror movie that promises demon possession and cyber-bullying. I immediately get a V/H/S feeling when I see the trailer. I thought it was very cheesey at first but after watching the trailer I thought it was mildly cheesey. Anyway, I will check out this movie just to see what it is all about when i does release even though I have some really mixed feelings…

  • Alien Isolation DLC - Original 'Alien' Movie Cast Reunite Trailer

    Alien Isolation DLC - Original 'Alien' Movie Cast Reunite Trailer

    Sega's Alien Isolation DLC is getting a lot of attention because this trailer teases fans that there will be a return of the original cast. We all know that Aliens: Colonial Marines definitely was not what everyone expected the game to be but I am still hopeful that this Alien Isolation game will be good. IGN has reported that the pre-order DLC will feature Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, Tom Skerritt as Dallas, Harry Dean Stanton as Brett,…

  • Life After Beth (2014) - Beth is Alive Clip

    Life After Beth (2014) - Beth is Alive Clip

    Director Jeff Baena's Life After Beth (2014) latest clip shows the comedy and romance side of this horror zombie movie. I am not expecting scares here but I cannot wait to see how this all plays out into total madness by the end of the film. Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon, Cheryl Hines and Paul Reiser star in Life After Beth. Synopsis: A young man's recently deceased girlfriend mysteriously returns from the dead, but…

  • Ouija (2014)

    Ouija (2014)

    Stiles White's Ouija (2014) from Universal Pictures looks like it has real potential. I would not touch a Ouija Board but I certainly like a majority of horror movies involving them. Ouija releases in movie theaters this October 24, 2014; just in time for Halloween. Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto and Daren Kagasoff star in Ouija. Synopsis: A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

  • Disaster L.A. (2014) - Awesome Trailer

    Disaster L.A. (2014) - Awesome Trailer

    New action horror sci-fi film Disaster L.A. (2014) is directed by Turner Clay and looks awesome. The trailer starts off totally sci-fi then delivers zombies, a must see trailer. I really like the scope, details and special effects in the movie and as far as I can tell, the film should deliver with a great paced story. Disaster L.A. was previously known as Apocalypse L.A. Warner Bros. will unleash this movie on Blu-ray and DVD this upcoming September 16,…

  • Viking Vampires - Teaser Trailer

    Viking Vampires - Teaser Trailer

    This Viking Vampires teaser trailer is funny as a tourist older couple see the viking vampires and ask them for a photo op. If you like what you see, definitely check out their IndieGoGo page for more details. Stian Hafstad and Christer Larsen direct movie stars John-Egil Hope, Knut Roald Skitskjegg Wake and Tom Eddie Borge. Synopsis: In the year 1012 several kings fought for the throne of Norway. Olav the Holy had the church on his side,…

  • Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising (2011)

    Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising (2011)

    Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising (2011) is sci-fi action movie that will finally hit the US this August 12, 2014. This film returns to the cool 80's movies filled with huge monster and all types of futuristic things. Director Andrew Cymek with movie stars including Brigitte Kingsley, Landy Cannon and Julia Schneider bring you a throwback to the 80's classic movies era. From The Press Release Level 33 Entertainment delivers an action-packed sci-fi adventure this summer with…

  • Kill, Granny, Kill! (2014)

    Kill, Granny, Kill! (2014)

    This movie trailer for Kill, Granny, Kill! (2014) by director Jacob Ennis looks so horrible that it should be a comedy. The film is about a cannibal granny who attacks, kills and eats her victims. Sit back, watch the trailer and laugh at the horrible line deliveries and kill scenes. Movie stars include Kayla Perkins, Kristine Renee Farley and Jason Crowe.

  • Halloween Horror Nights 2014 - From Dusk Till Dawn Announcement

    Halloween Horror Nights 2014 - From Dusk Till Dawn Announcement

    Robert Rodriguez and the cast from El Rey's From Dusk Till Dawn Season 1 make the official announcement that their will be a presence of scary vampires in Universal. I am definitely going to make a stop by this section to see what it has to offer. Rodriguez does make a small "plug" to catch up with Season 1 of From Dusk Till Dawn on DVD/Blu-ray this September 16, 2014. #UniversalHHN From cult horror film…

  • Housebound (2014)

    Housebound (2014)

    Gerard Johnstone's Housebound (2014) made killer waves at SXSW and it is clear to see why. This movie trailer looks fantastic and screams "must-see movie." Sir Peter Jackson (yes, the director of The Lord of the Rings films and The Hobbit films) says the thriller movie is "Bloody Brilliant!" IMDB has this movie categorized as a comedy thriller but look at the trailer and see it for what it is, a great movie trailer. Expect…

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