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  • Chain Letter - Horror Movie

    Chain Letter - Horror Movie

    Six friends receive a mysterious chain letter via text messaging and in their email accounts from a maniac who's hunting down teenagers who fail to forward his online chain letter. […]

  • The Innkeepers - Horror Movie

    The Innkeepers - Horror Movie

    Starring: Sara Paxton , Pat Healy , Kelly McGillis Director(s): Ti West Genre(s): Horror, Thriller After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors […]

  • Seventh Son - Fantasy Movie

    Seventh Son - Fantasy Movie

    Legendary brings us a new fantasy adventure named Seventh Son that looks awesome! Jeff Bridges plays Master Gregory who mentors a young witch hunter. Julianne Moore plays the evil Mother […]

  • Self/less - Sci-Fi Movie

    Self/less - Sci-Fi Movie

    Tarsem Singh's Self/less (2015) looks fantastic! I just finished watching the movie trailer and the main character originally played by Ben Kingsley has a real moral issue to figure out […]

  • Poltergeist - Horror Movie

    Poltergeist - Horror Movie

    Update 04-06-2015: Added new movie poster featuring the possessed clown doll. Update: 03-05-2015: Release date has been pushed forward to a new earlier release date of May 22, 2015 from […]

  • Jennifer's Body - Horror Movie

    Jennifer's Body - Horror Movie

    Demon possession, devilish cheerleaders, and Satanic rock stars are all on the chopping block with this horror comedy from the production team behind Juno. Screenwriter Diablo Cody provides the script, […]

  • Unfriended - Horror Movie

    Unfriended - Horror Movie

    Levan Gabriadze's Unfriended (2014) aka Cybernatural (2014) releases in movie theaters this upcoming April 17, 2015. This is a horror thriller about a girl who drinks too much one night […]

  • Godzilla - Sci-Fi Movie

    Godzilla - Sci-Fi Movie

    Gareth Edwards Godzilla is looking to bring Godzilla back to it's roots and hopefully he can pull it off. Godzilla will face off against monstrous creatures who threaten mankind. I […]

  • Storage 24 - Horror Movie

    Storage 24 - Horror Movie

    Four Londoners with a lot of history get stuck in a storage facility. Too bad for them they are being stalked by a predatory alien. The police lock down the […]

  • The Last Word - Horror Movie

    The Last Word - Horror Movie

    Simon Rumley's The Last Word (2015) does not currently have an official release date other than 2015 but we have scored the details of the new horror film. The Last […]

  • The Last Exorcism Part II - Horror Movie

    The Last Exorcism Part II - Horror Movie

    In The Last Exorcism Part 2 Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) tries to rebuild her life after everything that transpired in the first The Last Exorcism. The demon from the first […]

  • Piranha Sharks - Horror Movie

    Piranha Sharks - Horror Movie

    Leigh Scott's Piranha Sharks (2014) is not Sharknado but I would watch Piranha Sharks in a heartbeat. Piranha Sharks features highly aggressive mutated sharks and the movie looks like it was done […]

  • After Life - Horror Movie

    After Life - Horror Movie

    Young couple Paul (Justin Long) and Anna (Christina Ricci) are toying with the prospect of marriage when they have a chance encounter with Eliot (Liam Neeson), a mysterious undertaker who […]

  • Nurse 3-D - Horror Movie

    Nurse 3-D - Horror Movie

    Nurse 3-D will be dropping in theaters and VOD this upcoming February 7, 2014. Katrina Bowden (Tucker and Dale vs Evil), Judd Nelson, Corbin Bleu (The Monkey's Paw, Scary or Die) […]

  • The Raven - Thriller Movie

    The Raven - Thriller Movie

    In this gritty thriller, Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack, Being John Malkovich) joins forces with a young Baltimore detective (Luke Evans, Immortals) to hunt down a mad serial killer who's […]