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  • Prevenge - Horror Movie

    Prevenge - Horror Movie

    Alice Lowe directed Prevenge (2016) about an unborn baby commanding a mother to commit crimes becoming a serial killer. Gemma Whelan, Jo Hartley, and Alice Lowe star in Prevenge.

  • Prevenge (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Prevenge (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Alice Lowe's Prevenge (2016) tells the story of a seven-month pregnant woman who goes on a killing spree blaming her unborn child as the reason. The unborn child commanding her […]

  • Amethyst (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Amethyst (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Jared Masters directs Amethyst (2016) shot in 4K as a silent adventure horror fantasy film. The story moves along with a girl tripping out after consuming an entire vial of […]

  • Amethyst - Horror Movie

    Amethyst - Horror Movie

    Amethyst (2016) is an adventure horror fantasy film that is also a silent film about a girl who consumes an entire vial of LSD and begins to trip hard. Shot […]

  • Here Alone - Upcoming Horror Movie

    Here Alone - Upcoming Horror Movie

    Rod Blackhurst's Here Alone (2016) releases in movie theaters starting March 31, 2017, via Vertical Entertainment. Lucy Walters, Gina Piersanti, Adam David Thompson, and Shane West star in Here Alone.

  • Here Alone (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Here Alone (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Rod Blackhurst's Here Alone (2016) movie trailer looks scary and sets the right tone for a film of this type. As drama horror sci-fi films go, Here Alone is one […]

  • Don't Hang Up - Horror Movie

    Don't Hang Up - Horror Movie

    Directors Damien Mace and Alexis Wajsbrot brought us Don't Hang Up (2016) in movie theaters on February 10, 2017. A film that had potential judging by the film trailer, the […]

  • Don't Hang Up (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Don't Hang Up (2016) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Co-directed by Damien Mace and Alexis Wajsbrot, this trailer for Don't Hang Up (2016) makes this film look very interesting. Pranksters beware of this film, it may happen to you. […]

  • Death Note - Thriller Movie

    Death Note - Thriller Movie

    Director Adam Wingard is going to lend his unique directing skills to creating the English adaptation of the popular manga series in Death Note (2017). I am interested to see […]

  • Tremors 6 - Horror Movie

    Tremors 6 - Horror Movie

    Director Don Michael Paul is bringing us Tremors 6 (2018) with Jamie Kennedy and Michael Gross returning in the cast. This will be a direct to video release sometime in […]

  • The Stepfather - Review

    The Stepfather - Review

    The Stepfather (2009) is a 1h 41 min PG-13 American horror crime-thriller film that is a remake of The Stepfather (1987) and is loosely based on murderer John List crimes. […]

  • The Stepfather - Thriller Movie

    The Stepfather - Thriller Movie

    Director Nelson McCormick directed this film about the extremes of a stepfather in The Stepfather (2009). Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward star in The Stepfather.

  • Needlestick - Horror Movie

    Needlestick - Horror Movie

    Needlestick (2017) is directed by Steven Karageanes and features a mad doctor with Lance Henriksen playing the part. Lance Henriksen, Harry Lennix, and Michael Traynor star in Needlestick.

  • Needlestick (2017) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Needlestick (2017) - Trailer - Trailer Video

    Steven Karageanes' Needlestick (2017) is about a doctor locking down the hospital in order to discover the secret to immortality. This trailer looks suspenseful and anything with Lance Hendrickson is […]

  • Guardians (2017) - Trailer - Sci-Fi Movie

    Guardians (2017) - Trailer - Sci-Fi Movie

    Directed by Sarik Andreasyan, Zashchitniki (2017) as known in Russia and Guardians (2017) as known in the US is a visionary film that released in Russia on February 23, 2017. […]