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  • New Stephen King's 'IT' Update

    New Stephen King's 'IT' Update

    Director Cary Fukunaga is set to direct the new Stephen King’s IT starring our favorite scary clown Pennywise. The horror film is still very much in development and still being fleshed out but the latest news is that Warner Bros. will relocate the film to the New Line division. New Line Cinema will be the horror focused division, they started way back with the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

  • Afflicted Blu-ray & DVD Details

    Afflicted Blu-ray & DVD Details

    Derek Lee & Clif Prowse‘s Afflicted (2013) horror documentary was extremely slow in the beginning but quickly delivered a great horror experience. I am excited to say that Afflicted will release on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital this July 1, 2014. You have to see this movie, it was enjoyable and make sure you stick around for nice Easter Egg ending to the film. Thank Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for bringing this horror movie to these media types with the Blu-ray giving us some good extras.

  • Netflix's Hemlock Grove Season 2 Poster

    Netflix's Hemlock Grove Season 2 Poster

    Netflix‘s Hemlock Grove Season 2 will premiere this July 11, 2014 and I was starting to wonder when we would get some promos for the horror series. Some really liked it while other really disliked it but I am on the like side. I cannot wait to see where the story goes this season. I like the whole werewolves and vampires thing. Starring in Hemlock Grove Season 2 are Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron, Dougray Scott, Madeline Brewer, Madeleine Martin, Joel de la Fuente and Tiio Horn.

  • AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 Blu-ray/DVD Cover Art & Trailer

    AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 Blu-ray/DVD Cover Art & Trailer

    I am so stoked to watch AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere in October 2014 but until then we have the season 4 Blu-ray/DVD. Below we have the cover art and a look at the special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray. Look for The Walking Dead Season 4 to become available everywhere this August 26, 2014. We now have major issues in addition to the zombies.

  • Godzilla 2 (Godzilla Sequel) Confirmed!

    Godzilla 2 (Godzilla Sequel) Confirmed!

    Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures confirmed that they are in fact “in the works” making Godzilla 2 (Godzilla Sequel). We are waiting to hear Gareth Edwards confirm directing the sequel. The Godzilla Sequel may most likely have Godzilla returning to fight off multiple monster s including Ghidorah if we are lucky. I hope they drop some Godzilla news at Comic-Con in July.

  • The Dead 2: India New Poster

    The Dead 2: India New Poster

    Anchor Bay Films snatched up the rights to The Dead 2: India (2012) and today we have a new poster for the award winning zombie movie. The new poster features a hand coming out of the dirt to grab the movie title with a zombie horde blurred out in the background. The Dead 2: India is directed by Howard J. Ford & Jonathan Ford and stars Joseph Millson, Meenu Mishra & Anand Krishna Goyal.

  • Rob Zombie Teases '31' - New Horror Movie

    Rob Zombie Teases '31' - New Horror Movie

    Rob Zombie just released a teaser for his new horror movie ‘31’. Of course it also plays as a little film career montage for Rob Zombie. Be warned, be cautious when you watch this video. Seems as though Rob Zombie is going to give horror fans a taste of what he thinks a scary clown is.

  • Tiger House New Poster

    Tiger House New Poster

    Tom Daley‘s Tiger House (2014) is about an injured gymnast teenager who fights back against an armed gang who takes her boyfriend and his family hostage in their home. I like well-done female heroes in good movies and I am hoping this will be good. No trailer yet but I am already sold and just need to close the deal. Tiger House stars Kaya Scodelario, Dougray Scott, Ed Skrein, Daniel Boyd, Brandon Auret, Langley Kirkwood, Julie Summers, Andrew Brent and Nicholas Dallas.

  • The Machine Blu-ray/DVD Release Date

    The Machine Blu-ray/DVD Release Date

    Caradog W. JamesThe Machine (2013) is a very interesting movie. Caity Lotz plays a machine that has a human sense of self awareness, she is fantastic in her role, review here. You have to see The Machine if you did not already do so and luckily The Machine will be available on Blu-ray/DVD this June 17, 2014. The Machine stars Caity Lotz, Denis Lawson, John Paul Macleod, Pooneh Hajimohammadi, Sam Hazeldine and Toby Stephens.

  • New Creature Feature Movie 'Indigenous' Poster

    New Creature Feature Movie 'Indigenous' Poster

    Lightning Entertainment and director Alastair Orr have been working on a creature feature found footage horror film, Indigenous (2014), that sounds very interesting.  The new poster shows some real scale for the movie and I really like the skeletons at the bottom right corner. Indigenous stars Zachary Soetenga, Lindsey McKeon and Sofia Pernas.

  • Addams Family Blu-ray Details

    Addams Family Blu-ray Details

    Warner Bros. is officially releasing The Addams Family (1991) on Blu-ray this September 9, 2014. This is a great family horror movie that I myself saw when I was very young and thought that it was peculiar but funny. The Addams Family has a great cast including Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd.

  • Lucky ba**ard On-Demand and VOD Release Details

    Lucky ba**ard On-Demand and VOD Release Details

    Robert Nathan‘s Lucky ba**ard (2014) may not be for everyone and if you are curious, you now have an opportunity to check out Lucky Bastard. Lucky ba**ard is now available via On-Demand starting today and will be on VOD platforms (YouTube, Google Play, PlayStation Network and XBox Live) starting Friday, May 16, 2014. Lucky ba**ard stars Don McManus, Jay Paulson and Betsy Rue.

  • TNT Breaks News on New Firestarter TV Series 'The Shop'

    TNT Breaks News on New Firestarter TV Series 'The Shop'

    TNT officially announce that they are moving forward on the Firestarter TV Series title The Shop. The Shop Season 1 will take place 20 years after the Firestarter (1984) movie. That puts us in 2004 and will focus on the Department of Scientific Intelligence. Will we see Drew Barrymore in a cameo, who knows? Producing the TV series will be James Middleton (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronincles), James Paglia (Eureka) and Robbie Thompson (CW’s Supernatural).

  • New ABC's of Death 2 Movie Poster

    New ABC's of Death 2 Movie Poster

    Who’s stoked to see the ABC’s of Death 2 (2014)? Many may not have liked the entire first ABC’s of Death anthology but they did like most. We have some killer directors attached to this horror anthology. Some of the most noted are Alex de la Iglesia (The Last Circus), Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube), E.L. Katz (Cheap Thrills), Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska (American Mary, Dead Hooker in the Trunk), Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (Big Bad Wolves) and Jerome Sable (Stage Fright). All of the directors in fact are very promising and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the horror anthology.

  • Top 15 Horror Movies Based on Real Life

    Top 15 Horror Movies Based on Real Life

    We thought it would be cool to make a list of some of the best horror movies based on real life events. We have put together this list from movies based on ghost/demon hauntings, animal attacks, serial killers and just plain psycho behavior. The list is not sorted in any particular order, but each and every movie here is based on real life horror events.

  • Prometheus 2 Sequel Confirmed by Michael Fassbender

    Prometheus 2 Sequel Confirmed by Michael Fassbender

    Updated Prometheus 2 (Prometheus Sequel) news is that the Sci-Fi thriller will release this upcoming March 4, 2016. Michael Greene has been working on the screenplay. It is still unknown whether Ridley Scott will return to direct Prometheus 2. Michael Fassbender has recently assured fans that the movie is a go. Noomi Rapace is confirmed to return in the sequel as well.

  • Under the Skin Blu-ray & DVD Release Details

    Under the Skin Blu-ray & DVD Release Details

    Under the Skin (2013) will be releasing on Blu-ray & DVD this July 15 , 2014 thanks to Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Scarlett Johansson stars in the movie directed by Jonathan Glazer. The Blu-ray’s one and only bonus feature will be a “Making of Under the Skin” featurette. Honestly I was not too interested in this film to begin with.

  • NBC's Dracula Season 2 Cancelled!

    NBC's Dracula Season 2 Cancelled!

    NBC has officially killed Dracula, there will be no season 2. I watched the Dracula TV series but I felt the episodes were a bit drawn out at times but I believe that was to build suspense. I am a big Jonathan Rhys Meyers and he played his part extremely well as usual but there were some altercations. Meyers was paid about $100k per episode for the 10 episode season but NBC held his salary until the entire season was shot. This was done because Meyers has had substance abuse throughout his career and NBC did not want Meyers to become a liability. Meyers is said to have had a “meltdown” while shooting that required hospitalization in London. Meyers is then said to have returned to rehab after all 10 episodes were filmed. I am sad that we could not see more Dracula and I wish Meyers all the best and a speedy recovery.

  • Michael Dougherty of Trick R' Treat Making 'Krampus'

    Michael Dougherty of Trick R' Treat Making 'Krampus'

    Director Michael Dougherty who brought us one of the recent best Halloween movies Trick R’ Treat will be directing the horror comedy Krampus. Dougherty is currently working on the Trick R’ Treat sequel and you should get our Sam fix soon. This horror movie is in no way related to the “Anti-Claus” that Kevin Smith is working on.

  • FX's American Horror Story: Freak Show

    FX's American Horror Story: Freak Show

    FX is looking to make people terrified of scary clowns and I love it. American Horror Story: Freak Show will feature a character named the Clown Killer confirmed by series creator Ryan Murphy. This clown may be a clown who kills much like Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown or the clown might kill other clowns; not specified yet. Ryan Murphy says the clown will be “...the most terrifying clown ever!”