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What are the Different Names for Hell

Of the many religions and cultures around the world, there are many different names for Hell. The religions and cultures all tell of a place where the wicked and unjust go when they die. In the Bible, there is a difference between Hell and the “Lake of Fire.” The unfortunate and unsaved souls appear immediately in Hell, from where they will be cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:14). The punishment in Hell and the Lake of Fire are both the same, just that the inhabitants of each are different.

How Old Was Jesus When He Died?

The age of Jesus when he died during the crucifixion is often open for much debate. Although there is no clear definitive answer to this question and no known age of Jesus after his return from Egypt, there are various clues and supporting facts that give hints and point us in the right direction.

What were the 10 Plagues of Egypt?

The 10 Plagues of Egypt is a fascinating account of the freedom of the Israelites and triumph over the Egyptian Kings who enslaved them. This miracle of God was not done overnight and required Moses with Aaron to deliver the warnings and the plagues to the house of Egypt. Looking at the plagues of Egypt now, and from the many times I watched The Ten Commandments (1956) that gives a wonderful visual; this is one of the biggest triumphs of God’s followers.

9 Different Types of Angels Meanings and Descriptions

God hears our prayers directly, but he sends his angels to assist us and help out his human children. God has many angels at his command, and they are organized into nine different types of angels. Each group of angels has various functions in keeping heaven in order and answering God’s children. Below we list the nine types of angels (Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels, Angels) along with their function, meaning, description, and purpose in the grand plan of God. Do you know what group Lucifer was in before his fall from God’s grace?

5 Scary Demons You Should Never Summon

Playing with supernatural forces and summoning demons are the worst things you can do. These following demons are at the top of the list of scary demons you should never summon. This is just a small set of the demons we have listed but you can find the entire list here. With a current list of 400+ and new additions added frequently, check back for new updates. As usual, never mention a demons name aloud as it may be summoned unintentionally and to great despair.

15 Most Dangerous Demons Ever Recorded

Demonic possession is serious and happens too often so if you hear you are against one of these 15 most dangerous demons in Hell, you had better watch out! We have not underestimated the other demons but stating that these are the worst demons ever recorded.

Top 20 Most Popular Horror TV Series Right Now on IMDB w/ Scores

Looking for a little more horror entertainment than a horror movie can give you? Here are the most popular horror TV series according to IMDB, and I strongly agree with this list. This list does not include classic or older horror TV series because of trending. You can sit down and binge most of these horror shows on your favorite streaming service. Below you will find TV shows that include vampires, demons, werewolves, and many more sub-genres. You can binge the majority of the TV shows listed here on Netflix then switch over to Hulu to get the more recent episodes or season.

30 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (November 2018)

Now is a great time to have Netflix because the streaming giant has a huge selection of horror movies that I tried to narrow down while still including something for everyone. Here are the 30 best horror movies to stream on Netflix right now. These films include demons, horror anthologies, serial killers, Asian, zombies, vampires, and many more movie types. About half of these films I have in my queue to rewatch again next week. I am going to say it, with this horror movies lineup, horror fans with only Netflix at their fingertips do not need Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Shudder that badly anymore. I also heard that Netflix would be significantly increasing this horror movie list even more in the upcoming future.

10 Nightmarish Horror Movies on Netflix Full of Jump Scares

Netflix is soon becoming a much better platform for horror movie streaming with their acquisitions and Netflix originals ever increasing. Netflix is continuously updating their horror movie releases so keep up to date here. Every one of these films has enormous replay value and most jump scares will still get you the second time around. I personally keep Babadook (2014), The Conjuring (2013), Hush (2016), Demonic (2015), and Last Shift (2014) in my Netflix queue for that late night scare itch.

20 Best Horror Movies of 2018 - Scariest New Films of the Year (So Far)

Here we are almost at the end of 2018, so what are the best horror movies of 2018 (so far)? This year was generally good to horror fans with horror movies like Hereditary (2018), A Quiet Place (2018), Halloween (2018), The Endless (2017), Overlord (2018), and Truth or Dare (2018) to name a small few films. Check out the films below, and you should be able to stream most of the movies listed below tonight if you want. Remember, we still have some new horror films to come like Anna and the Apocalypse (2017), The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018), and Cam (2018). Click here for a full list of 2018 horror movies.

10 Scary Horror Movies NETFLIX Says Viewers Can't Finish

Are you up for the Scary Horror Movies on Netflix Challenge? Netflix has been keeping tabs on what they think is too scary for viewers and the horror movies listed below are the top of this list. Netflix compiled this movie list by first measuring the number of users who watched the horror films to the 70% mark but then turned off the movie. If they hated the horror movie, then they would have turned off the film long before the 70% mark. I watched the majority of these horror movies and admitted that a few of these movies I also turned off to finish them at another time. You will find some gory films, some Lovecraftian films, and end of the world type films on this list.

A Horror Fan's Introduction to Types of Demons and Demon Names

Demonology is as old as religion, itself, and so are their demon names. The names and types of demons from mythology trace all the way back to the most ancient theologies on the planet. And the historical lore around each demon is as rich and detailed as their angel counterparts.

The Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Villains and What Makes Them Scary

Horror movie fans love a great villain, and the best horror movie villains are listed below. These villains range from human to supernatural and leave a trail of bodies behind. Hands down, my favorite horror movie villain is Freddy Krueger because he was the very first horror movie villain that I saw and instantly became obsessed with him and the actor Robert Englund who to me, no other actor can compare to his portrayal of the nightmare demon. Some of the movie villains listed below were played by different actors, but I will also include the most memorable actors who portrayed the character and the very first film that I enjoyed the character and decided that this was a worthy horror movie icon.

Top 10 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies You MUST Watch Today!

Netflix is working hard to enhance their horror movie lineup and is doing a great job by making Netflix original horror movies worth watching. These horror films below combine some great talent from Masters of Horror including but not limited to Stephen King, Mike Flanagan, and Gareth Evans. We could not include the recent Netflix original The Haunting of Hill House because it is a TV series with 10 episodes, sorry. I see the future of Netflix Originals following the major success of The Haunting of Hill House in their future horror film lineups. Check out the full list below, and I hope to update this list in the upcoming year with some new horror films.

Top 10 Scariest Non-Fiction Horror Movies to Stream

I always find that horror movies based off of real horror events make the best horror movies. That is because we can easily relate some elements of the film to actual events. Here are the scariest non-fiction horror movies you must see! I know that Hollywood has to overemphasize some scary events in order to please the horror fans but even the horror movies based loosely on actual events carry a more eerie feeling to the films. All these movies can be streamed on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Shudder.

From Audition to Guinea Pig: The 7 Best Japanese Horror Movies

When talking about scary flicks, Japanese horror films come to mind. From the classics to the goriest, here are the 10 best Japanese horror films. For horror junkies all over the world, there’s nothing better than some of the best Japanese horror movies. We’ve all heard of the Grudge and The Ring though. And while these timeless classics are great to watch every Halloween season, there has to be more, right? Luckily for us, the Japanese are masters at horrific storytelling. Finding the right movie can be tricky though. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite horror flicks just for you though. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here: from silent films to thrillers, all the way to the classic gore-sploitation, Japanese cinema has done it all. There are even a few horror animes out there!

Top 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of All Time

True fans know that the best horror films aren’t always blockbusters. Check out the top 10 most underrated horror movies that may have slipped under your radar. It’s that time of the year again: jump scares, creepy costumes, and cavities galore. Well, it’s also a good time to appreciate quality filmmaking, too. When it comes to underrated horror movies, a lot of them are perceived as cheesy, low-budget, or not even considered part of the genre. Broken internet movie ranking systems only add to the problem. The average person browsing for non-blockbuster horror movies would have to randomly click through titles to discover these gems. We put together a list of horror movies, old and recent, that don’t get the recognition they deserve. These ten movies are just a small sample of underrated classics you will not forget.

15 Best Horror Movies of 2018 (So Far by Rotten Tomatoes)

Putting another spin on the best horror movies of 2018, here are the 15 top horror movies as currently listed on Rotten Tomatoes. This list has a different order than my previous top horror movies of 2018 and our aggregated best horror movies list. You will also find a few more movie titles to choose from, making this list a little refreshing to the mainstream best movies list. Happy to see a Lovecraft movie score so high but at the same time a little shocking. Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes for creating this list.

Best Horror Movies of 2018 (So Far Sept 2018)

While we are still awaiting Corin Hardy‘s The Nun (2018) to release in movie theaters, here is an updated best horror movies of 2018 list. The films listed here are all categorized in the horror genre and are the very best from the current movie releases. You will find the obvious picks like Annihilation (2018), Hereditary (2018), and A Quiet Place (2018) with a few more movie titles to round off this list. Many of the horror films listed here are entirely different from one another, and every movie fan will find something they like here. Leigh Whannell‘s Upgrade (2018) is also located on this list even though many movie fans see this film to be more of an action sci-fi movie.

John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN (1978) KILL COUNT [Video]

John Carpenter‘s Halloween (1978) birthed the horror icon Michael Myers creating the famous Halloween franchise. With the new Halloween (2018) reboot coming soon to movie theaters this upcoming October 19, 2018. This video is about 16-minutes long and includes scenes from the movie deaths with entertaining commentary from Dead Meat.