Featuring the top 20+ best horror anime and anime series to date this 2018. Listed here you will find vampire horror anime, zombie horror anime, and other dark anime. Check back often because we will not stop updating this list until we reach over 100 horror anime.

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    Ghost Stories (2000) Tv

    Ghost Stories


    Synopsis: A Group Of School Kids And A Cat Who Fight Ghosts.

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    Death Note (2006) Tv

    Death Note


    Synopsis: After An Intelligent Yet Cynical High School Student Begins To Cleanse The World From Evil With The Help Of A Magical Notebook That Can Kill Anyone Whose Name Is Written On It, International Authorities Call Upon A Mysterious Detective Known As "L" To Thwart His…

    Tagline: Take Down Yotsuba!

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    Black Butler (2008) Tv

    Black Butler


    Synopsis: A Young Boy Sells His Soul To A Demon In Order To Avenge His Family's Death And Successfully Lead Their Influential Toy Manufacturing Company. The Demon Takes The Form Of A Loyal Butler Who's Always Dressed In Black And Is Required To Protect, Serve And…

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    Attack on Titan (2013) Tv

    Attack on Titan


    Synopsis: 2000 Years From Now, Humans Are Nearly Exterminated By Titans. Titans Are Typically Several Stories Tall, Seem To Have No Intelligence, Devour Human Beings And, Worst Of All, Seem To Do It For The Pleasure Rather Than As A Food Source. A Small Percentage Of…

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    D.Gray-man (2006) Tv



    Synopsis: Allen Walker, A Young Exorcist With A Cursed Eye That Can See The Suffering Of The Akumas Created By The Millenium Earl, Travels To England To The Headquarters Of The Exorcists, The Black Order, Where His Master, General Cross Marian, Has Sent Him To Meet…

    Tagline: His Gift Is Death.

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    Monster (2004) Tv



    Synopsis: Dr. Kenzo Tenma, A Young But Extremely Talented Neurosurgeon, Lives His Life Working In A Hospital In Germany. He Is Respected By His Superiors For His Incredible Surgical Skills, Envied By His Peers And He Is Engaged To The Daughter Of The Hospital Director. But…

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    Shiki (2010) Tv



    Synopsis: Sotobamura Is A Small Village With Around 1300 Residents; So Small The Village Isn't Even Connected To A Single Highway. An Isolated Village In Which Old Customs, Such As The Burial Of The Dead, Are Still Practiced. One Day, The Bodies Of Three People Are…

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    Ghost Hunt (2006) Tv

    Ghost Hunt


    Synopsis: Shibuya Psychic Research Center Investigates Supernatural Occurrences All Over Japan.

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    Blood+ (2005) Tv



    Synopsis: They Are Called Chiropterans, Ravenous Creatures That Can Change Their Form, Disguising Themselves As Human Beings. Immortal Creatures That Feed Off Blood, They Hide Themselves Among Us. An Organization Called The Red Shield Has Been Waging A Private War To Wipe Them Out. Now The…

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    Berserk (1997) Tv



    Synopsis: Guts Was Brought Up By A Mercenary Group Since Birth. After Killing His Guardian In Self-defence, He Runs Away. Years Later, He Encounters Griffith And The Band Of The Hawk. The Hawks Fight For The King Of Midland, And After Winning The 100-year War Against…

    Tagline: Is The Destiny Of Mankind Controlled By Some Transcendental Entity Or Law? Is It Like The Hand Of God Hovering Above? At Least It Is True, That Man Has No Control, Even Over His Own Will

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    Vampire Knight (2008) Tv

    Vampire Knight


    Synopsis: Vampire Knight Tells The Story Of Yuki Cross. The Earliest Thing She Remembers Is Being Attacked On A Snowy Night By A Vampire, And Being Rescued By Kaname Kuran, Who Is Also A Vampire. The Story Takes Place 10 Years After That Event, Yuki Is…

    Tagline: Zero's Deadly Secret.

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    Hell Girl (2005) Tv

    Hell Girl


    Synopsis: When Someone Wants Revenge, They Post About It On A Special Website At Midnight. Then Hell Girl Appears To Do Their Bidding.

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    Ghost Hound (2007) Tv

    Ghost Hound


    Synopsis: The Experiences Of Three Boys Who Have Had Traumatic Experiences In Childhood From Which They Have Learned To Transfer Their Souls To A Parallel World Known As The "Unseen World".

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    Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales (2006) Tv

    Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales


    Synopsis: The Series Is Made Up Of Three Stories: "Yotsuya Ghost Story", An Adaptation Of The Classic Japanese Ghost Story; "Goddess Of The Dark Tower", And Goblin Cat.

    Released: 12 Jan 2006

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    Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files (1992) Tv

    Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files


    Synopsis: One Day, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi Suddenly Finds Himself Dead, Having Died Pushing A Child Out Of The Way Of Oncoming Traffic. Since He Has Such A Bad Personality, Even The Spirit World Was Caught By Surprise That He Would Sacrifice Himself. Yusuke Soon Finds Out…

    Tagline: Who Will Be Left Standing When The Smoke Clears?

  16. 16)

    Boogiepop Never Laughs: Boogiepop Phantom (2000) Tv

    Boogiepop Never Laughs: Boogiepop Phantom


    Synopsis: A Light In The Sky, Followed By A Strange Aura And Grisly Murders. Each Character Tells Their Own Connection To The Event And To A Similar Murder Spree 5 Years Ago. All Of The Different Stories Are Slowly Tied Together By Seemingly Minute Similarities And…

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    Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011) Tv

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica


    Synopsis: One Night, 14-year-old Madoka Kaname Has A Terrible Nightmare - Against The Backdrop Of A Devastated City, She Witnesses A Girl Fight A Losing Battle Against A Dreadful Being Lingering Above, While A Cat-like Magical Creature Tells Madoka The Only Way To Change That Tragic…

    Tagline: She Will Not Know Yet If This Encounter Is A Mere Coincidence Or A Necessity. Which Would Be, An Encounter That Would Change Her Destiny.

    Released: 06 Jan 2011

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    Hellsing Ultimate (2006) Tv

    Hellsing Ultimate


    Synopsis: In Flashback, Integra Is Seen Assuming Leadership Of The Hellsing Organization As She Resolves A Conflict With Her Uncle With The Help Of The Vampire Alucard. In Present Day, Alucard Goes On A Mission To The Town Of Cheddar To Silence A Vampiric Priest Who…

    Tagline: The Bird Of The Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.

    Released: 05 Dec 2006

  19. 19)

    Witchblade (2006) Tv



    Synopsis: In Order To Protect Her Daughter, A Young Single Mother Is Forced To Fight After Acquiring A Powerful Ancient Weapon.

    Tagline: Brutal And Bloody!

  20. 20)

    Serial Experiments Lain (1998) Tv

    Serial Experiments Lain


    Synopsis: A Week After Chisa Committed Suicide, Her Classmates Begin To Receive Emails From Her. Hearing Rumors Fly At School, A Quiet Withdrawn Girl Named Lain Goes Home That Day, Turns On Her Dusty Navi Computer For The First Time And Has A Conversation With The…

    Tagline: Present Day, Present Time! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

    Released: 13 Jul 1999

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    Requiem from the Darkness (2003) Tv

    Requiem from the Darkness


    Synopsis: Tired Of Writing Riddles For Children, Yamaoka Momosuke Plans On Gathering Spooky And Gruesome Stories And Publishing Them In An Anthology Called Hyakumonogatari ("One Hundred Tales"). While Researching These Old Myths And Legends He Comes Across A Mysterious Trio Who Call Themselves The Ongyou. They…

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    Pet Shop of Horrors (1999) Tv

    Pet Shop of Horrors


    Synopsis: Count D, A Quite Interesting Pet Shop Owner From An Area Called Chinatown, Sells Rare And Hard To Come By Pets To People Longing For Something Special, But With Each Sale Comes A Contract. If The Rules Of The Contract Are Followed, Everything Goes Fine,…

    Tagline: Are You Prepared... For The MARKdown OF THE BEASTs???

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    Blue Gender (1999) Tv

    Blue Gender


    Synopsis: The Year Is 2031, And After Being In Cold-sleep For Twenty-two Years, Yuji Kaido Wakes Up In The Middle Of A War For Human Survival Against Giant Insects Called The Blue, Who Have Overrun The Earth And Have Killed Almost The Entire Population.

  24. 24)

    Vampire Hunter D (1985) Movie

    Vampire Hunter D


    Synopsis: A Young Girl Requests The Help Of A Vampire Hunter To Kill The Vampire Who Has Bitten Her, And Thus Prevent Her From Becoming A Vampire Herself.

    Released: 26 Mar 1993

  25. 25)

    Paranoia Agent (2004) Tv

    Paranoia Agent


    Synopsis: Seemingly Unconnected Citizens Of Tokyo Are Targeted For Bludgeoning By A Boy With A Golden Baseball Bat. As Detectives Try To Link The Victims, They Discover That Following The Assaults, The Victims' Lives Have Improved In Some Way.

    Released: 28 May 2005

  26. 26)

    Elfen Lied (2004) Tv

    Elfen Lied


    Synopsis: University Students Kohta And Yuka (Kohta's Cousin) Save A Diclonius Girl Called "Lucy" When They See Her Naked In A Beach. In Fact "Lucy" Is A Serial Killer Who Is Being Searched By The Government But They Are Not Aware Of Who "Lucy" Really Is…

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    Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (2013) Tv

    Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories


    Synopsis: Every Week At 5 P.m. An Old Man In A Yellow Mask Shows Up At A Children's Playground And Tells Them Ghost Stories Based On Myths And Urban Legends Of Japanese Origin. The Man Tells The Stories On The Back Of His Bicycle Using A…

  28. 28)

    Blood Lad (2013) Tv

    Blood Lad


    Synopsis: Blood Lad Follows Staz, A Vampire From The Demon World Who Avoids Is An Otaku For Human Goods - Especially Manga And Anime. The Accidental Arrival Of Fuyumi Yanagi, Who Wandered Into The Demon World Through A Portal, Changes His Life. Whilst He Fights A…

    Released: 07 Jul 2013

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    Tokyo Ghoul (2014) Tv

    Tokyo Ghoul


    Synopsis: The Suspense Horror/dark Fantasy Story Is Set In Tokyo, Which Is Haunted By Mysterious "ghouls" Who Are Devouring Humans. People Are Gripped By The Fear Of These Ghouls Whose Identities Are Masked In Mystery. An Ordinary College Student Named Kaneki Encounters Rize, A Girl Who…

  30. 30)

    Hellsing (2001) Tv



    Synopsis: Vampires And Ghouls Stalk Modern-day England, Hunting The Oblivious Populace. Only The Hellsing Foundation Stands Between The Evil Undead And The Innocent Humans Who Would Be Their Prey. But There's Something New Out There - Chips That Give Humans Vampiric Ability And Bloodlust Are Being…

    Tagline: The War Has Begun!

  31. 31)

    Trinity Blood (2005) Tv

    Trinity Blood


    Synopsis: The Background Is In The Distant Future After The Destruction Brought About By Armageddon. The War Between The Vampires And The Humans Continue To Persist. In Order To Protect The Humans From The Vampires, Vatican Has To Rely On Other Allies To Counter The Situation.…

    Tagline: The Struggle For Existence Continues!

  32. 32)

    Soul Eater (2008) Tv

    Soul Eater


    Synopsis: Set In The Shinigami Technical School For Weapon Meisters, The Series Revolves Around 3 Duo's. These Pairs Are A Partnership Between A Weapon Meister And A Human Weapon. Trying To Reach A Ranking Of "Death Scythe" (and Thus Fit For Use By The Shinigami) They…

    Tagline: Your Soul Is Gonna Be Mine!

  33. 33)

    Future Diary (2011) Tv

    Future Diary


    Synopsis: Yukiteru Amano Is A 14-year Old Loner Who Spends Much Of His Time Dispassionately Recording Events Around Him In His Cell Phone "diary." His Only Friends Are Imaginary Ones: Dues Ex Machina, The "god Of Time And Space," And Murmur, Dues's Impish Helper. Yukiteru's Life…

    Tagline: You're All Gonna Die!

  34. 34)

    Devilman (1987) Tv



    Synopsis: Normal Life In Modern Day Tokyo Is Unexpectedly Disrupted For A Young High School Kid Called Akira. First His Parents Go Missing, Then His Pet Rabbit Is Viciously Slaughtered And Finally His Best Friend, Ryo Asuka, Reveals A Terrifying Secret--something That Guarantees That Akira's Life…

    Released: 01 Nov 1987

  35. 35)

    Darker Than Black (2007) Tv

    Darker Than Black


    Synopsis: In Tokyo, An Impenetrable Field Known As "Hell's Gate" Appeared Ten Years Ago. At The Same Time, Psychics Who Wield Paranormal Powers At The Cost Of Their Conscience Also Emerged. Hei Is One Of The Most Powerful Of These Psychic Agents, And Along With His…

    Tagline: A Deadly Rival From The Past.

  36. 36)

    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000) Movie

    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust


    Synopsis: It Is Many Thousand Years In The Future. Vampires Once Ruled The Night But Have Seen Their Numbers Reduced By Fearless Bounty Hunters. One Such Hunter Is D, The Halfbreed Son Of A Human Mother And Vampire Father. When A Girl From A Rich Family…

    Tagline: When The Sun Sets... The Hunt Begins

    Released: 28 Sep 2001

  37. 37)

    Another (2012) Tv



    Synopsis: Twenty-six Years Ago, In A Third-year Classroom Of A Middle School, There Was A Student Named Misaki. As An Honors Student Who Was Also Good At Sports, The Charming Boy Was Popular With His Classmates. When He Suddenly Died, His Classmates Decided To Carry On…

  38. 38)

    Princess Resurrection (2007) Tv

    Princess Resurrection


    Synopsis: Hiro Is Killed Saving A Beautiful Woman Who Is Actually Part Of The Demonic Royal Family And Makes Him Her Servant By Resurrecting Him.

  39. 39)

    Shadow Star Narutaru (2003) Tv

    Shadow Star Narutaru


  40. 40)

    Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (2013) Tv

    Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


    Synopsis: Heavenly Host Elementary School Is A Legendary Elementary School For Ghost Stories Due To Its Mysterious Past. It Was Torn Down Following The Murders And Disappearances Of Several Of Its Staff And Students And Now Another School Called Kisaragi Academy Has Been Built Over It.…

  41. 41)

    Highschool of the Dead (2010) Tv

    Highschool of the Dead


    Synopsis: Highschool Of The Dead Is Set In The Present Day, Beginning As The World Is Struck By A Deadly Pandemic That Turns Humans Into Zombies, Euphemistically Referred To By The Main Characters As "them" Since They Are No Longer Considered Human. The Story Follows A…

    Tagline: They're Gonna Graduate With Horrors

  42. 42)

    Gantz (2004) Tv



    Synopsis: High School Student Kei Kurono Meets Up With Childhood Friend Kato Masaru One Day By Chance Encounter. As The Two Are In The Subway Chatting, Kato Notices A Homeless Man On The Subway Train Tracks. Kato Goes Down On To The Tracks To Move The…

    Tagline: No One Knows Where It Came From. No One Knows Who Sent It. And It Chooses Who Lives And Dies. (DVD 01)

  43. 43)

    Deadman Wonderland (2011) Tv

    Deadman Wonderland


    Synopsis: Ganta, The Sole Survivor Of The Brutal Murder Of His Entire Class, Is Framed And Ends Up Falsely Convicted For It. During The Massacre The Real Killer Embeds A Red Crystal In Him. Ganta Is Sent To A Privately Owned Prison Which Has A Rather…

    Tagline: Death Is The Main Attraction.

  44. 44)

    Tokko (2006) Tv



    Synopsis: When 108 Demons Free Themselves And Start Killing People, Special Public Safety Task Force, Or "Tokko" For Short, Is Formed To Stop Them. Some Of The Members Have Demons Inside Of Them And Can Use Them To Enhance Their Own Abilities.

    Tagline: Babes, Blood And Blades!

  45. 45)

    Kite (1998) Tv



    Synopsis: She May Be Cute. She May Be Young. She May Seem Innocent And Naive, But Don't Be Fooled. She's A Cold-blooded Killer, And If You're On The Wrong Side Of The Law, You May Be Her Next Target. After Being Orphaned At A Young Age,…

    Tagline: Dangerous Things Come In Small Packages...

    Released: 07 Mar 2000

  46. 46)

    Blade (2011) Tv



    Synopsis: Erik Brooks Was Half-man, Half-vampire After His Mother Carol Was Attacked By A Vampire Named Deacon Frost. He Sought Assistance From Noah Van Helsing And Over Time, Vampires Worldwide Fear Him As The "Daywalker" Or "Blade". He Investigates A Vampire Organization In Asia Called "Existence"…

    Released: 06 Jun 2011

  47. 47)

    Ogre Slayer (1995) Tv

    Ogre Slayer


    Tagline: Not Quite Human. Not Quite Inhuman.

  48. 48)

    Devilman Lady (1998) Tv

    Devilman Lady


    Synopsis: A Supermodel Is Attacked By A Monster Which Brings Her Inner Devil Out. However, She Doesn't Let Go Of Her Humanity, So A Secret Government Agency Asks Her To Help Them Fight The Demonic Forces That Secretly Threaten Japan And The World.

  49. 49)

    Blood-C (2011) Tv



    Synopsis: Saya Is A Seemingly Normal Girl Living With Her Father In A Shrine. During The Day She Goes To School And Spends Time With Her Friends At A Local Cafe. But When Night Falls Saya Is Called Upon To Protect Her Village From Strange Monsters.

  50. 50)

    Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) Anime

    Blood: The Last Vampire


    Synopsis: In Japan, The Vampire-hunter Saya, Who Is A Powerful Original, Is Sent By Her Liaison With The Government, David, Posed As A Teenage Student To The Yokota High School On The Eve Of Halloween To Hunt Down Vampires. Saya Asks David To Give A New…

    Released: 17 Aug 2001

  51. 51)

    Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek (2005) Movie

    Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek


    Synopsis: In A Street Where No One Lives, There Is A Rumor Saying That If You Play The Game 'Otokoyo', Or Hide And Seek After Dark, Demons Will Come And Take You Away. One Night, 8 Children Play The Game, Each For Their Own Reasons. A…

    Tagline: Ready Or Not...here They Come

    Released: 26 Oct 2007

  52. 52)

    Gantz: O (2016) Movie

    Gantz: O


    Synopsis: After Being Brutally Murdered In A Subway Station, A Teen Boy Awakens To Find Himself Resurrected By A Strange Computer Named Gantz, And Forced To Fight A Large Force Of Invading Aliens In Osaka.

    Released: 14 Oct 2016

  53. 53)

    Wicked City (1987) Movie

    Wicked City


    Synopsis: There Has Been Peace Between The Worlds Of The Mortals And The Supernatural For Centuries, But The Balance Is Now Being Threatened. The Radical Elements From The Supernatural World Are Crossing Over Into The Mortal Universe For The Purpose Of Destroying The Peace Forever!

    Tagline: Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Released: 20 Aug 1993

  54. 54)

    Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010) Movie

    Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic


    Synopsis: After Fighting In The Crusades For Three Years, Dante Rides Back Home To His Family Estate To Reunite With His Beloved Beatrice And His Father. Dante Sees A Rider Following Him, But Out Of The Blue, The Man Vanishes With No Trace. When He Arrives…

    Released: 09 Feb 2010

  55. 55)

    Demon City Shinjuku (1988) Movie

    Demon City Shinjuku


    Synopsis: Kyoya's Father Was A Great Warrior, Killed At The Hands Of The Diabolical Psychic, Rebi Ra, Who Has Now Opened A Portal To Hell In The City Of Shinjuku. It Falls To Kyoya To Finish What His Father Started And Battle His Way Through Demons,…

    Tagline: One Man Against An Army Of Monsters......With The Fate Of The World At Stake!

    Released: 25 Oct 1988