The Soska Sisters HELLEVATOR Season 2 Premiere Episode Review

The Soska Sisters HELLEVATOR Season 2 Premiere Episode Review

GSN’s Hellevator Season 2 premieres Friday, October 7, 2016, at 9:00 pm ET/PT. We were thrilled to be granted access to watch the first episode from the new season. Hellevator is one of those TV shows that combines both horror and game show into one. The first series snuck up on me and quickly became a household favorite of mine resulting in us binge watching the entire tv show on Hulu. So I bet you are wondering my thoughts on the new season of Hellevator.

Hellevator Season 2 Premiere Review

Hellevator seeks to continue the excitement of contestants running through horror scenarios for various cash prizes. This season the theme is the seven deadly sins. The first episode features four chefs, as opposed to the standard three team. Everyone in the team was spooked before the games started which sets us up for a hilarious episode. Audiences may take this as a bittersweet episode because you know that the episode will feature a group most likely to lose but you already know that there will be a ton of hilarious moments ahead of you.

The Soska Sisters provide commentary every step of the way and seem to remind me of modern day Elvira clones delivering one line puns and taunting the contestants. The jokes are funny most of the times but sometimes seem a little out of place on other occasions.

This season seems to be far greater in scares and creativity. We now have a layered series of game events that have a lot more depth added to them. Contestants must complete the games while having intimidating horrors lurking in the shadows and sometimes jumping out of nowhere to further break their focus.

I cannot wait to watch the next season of Hellevator with my family as we take bets on who will make it and who will utterly fail at the trials. Judging by this first episode, the team behind Hellevator fixed many of the flaws plaguing the first season and vastly improved them to create a far superior experience from the previous season of Hellevator. So to sum it all up, I am highly excited to see this season.

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"Hellevator" (2015)

Synopsis: Contestants form a 3-person team to take on 3 horror-themed challenges. Contestants that complete the solo challenges move on to the final labyrinth challenge as a team for a chance to win some more bonus cash.
Cast: Sylvia Soska, Jen Soska, Martin Pierron, Rick Galiher, Cimcie Nichols, Regan Talleh, Sara Raftery, Mary Rangel, Elise D'Orazio
Genres: Horror, Game-Show
Year: 2015
Runtime: 43
Writers: Chris Basler
Producers: Joe Magna, Jason Blum, Todd Lubin, Keith Geller, Jay Peterson, Shye Sutherland, David Braun, Christine Elise, Kyle Hanlon, Joey Ortega, Joshua Sandoval, Daniel Soiseth, Felicia Aaron White
Editors: Ashley Brown, Corey Becker, Laurel Ostrander

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