Top 5 Creepiest Paranormal Games

Top 5 Creepiest Paranormal Games

The paranormal games listed here are our pick of the top 5 scary paranormal games that you should not play. These supernatural games include playing with ghosts, demons, or boogeyman/boogeymen. There is no fact proven that they work, but the peculiar and freakish events surrounding these games are alarming. On to the list of 5 paranormal games that will freak you and your friends out.

  1. Midnight Game

    • We go into full detail here on The Midnight Game / The Midnight Man Game requirements, steps to follow to play, and how to tell if it worked.

    • In this game, you summon The Midnight Man to your Midnight Game. A Black humanoid will now follow you and your protection candle light will go out. You have 10 seconds to relight the candle and/or bring back the light or enclose yourself in a circle of salt or else The Midnight Man will drive you mad with hallucinations until 3:33 AM.

  2. Daruma-San or The Bath Game

    • The name Daruma-San is taken from a real Japanese girl who slipped in the bathroom and died from the incident. This game has the player conjure up the tortured spirit of this troubled ghost apparition.

    • Steps: Wait until midnight and fill your bath tub with cold water. While in the chilly water with the lights off, chant "Daruma Come" 3 times.

    • If done right, you will feel the presence in the room and perhaps someone leaning on your shoulder. Very important to slowly and carefully get up and leave else she will immediately try to make you fall and die the same way she did.

    • If you make it out alive, Daruma-San will haunt you all day. Some claim to have turned around quickly enough to catch a glimpse of her shadowy silhouette presence while looking over your right shoulder. If she gets too close, shout "Tomare," Japanese word commanding someone to stop her from advancing.

    • Ending the game before midnight is very important. Draw another bath the same way with the lights off. Now submerge yourself and look for her over your right shoulder. Quickly shout "Kitta!" meaning "I cut you loose!" while at the same time, swinging your arm downward in a chopping motion. You will have ended the game now if done correctly, if not, run!

  3. Elevator to Another World

    • A terrifying game that originated in Korea. In this game, you must follow all the directions to end up in another world, perhaps a demon or ghost world.

    • The building you choose must be at least ten stories high with an elevator having access to each floor.

    • Steps: Performed without leaving the elevator ever. Start at the ground floor, press the 4th-floor button, then down to the 2nd-floor, then up to the 6th-floor, then back down to the 2nd-floor, then back up to the 10th-floor, then down to the 5th-floor. On this floor reports a beautiful woman coming into the elevator. Do not talk or look at her. Now push the 1st/ground floor button, but instead the elevator should take you back up to the 10th-floor. This is your final chance to cancel everything and hit another floor button before the doors open on the 10th-floor revealing "Another World." Some claim that there is a way to return back by reversing the steps taken before. However, it is extremely hard to do because of fright/terror. Some also claim that after leaving the elevator, you cannot make it back to the elevator because of an ever increasing distance between you and the elevator no matter how hard you try.

  4. Devil in the Mirror

    • Perhaps the most restrictive of the bunch on when you can play this spooky game. You can only play it twice a year; Christmas December 25 and on Good Friday.

    • You will need a mirror and twelve candles. In total darkness, without blinking, say the word "Devil" twelve times. To amplify the effectiveness, best to perform this dark ritual on the witching hour, 3 AM in the morning.

    • If you are successful, you will see the Devil in the mirror staring back at you.

  5. The Ouija Board Game

    • For me, the Ouija Board is the original scary paranormal game delving into the supernatural realm. Many have claimed to have spoken to harmless ghosts and haunting ghosts while others have had the extreme misfortune of contacting demons. Some famous alias of this board is the spirit board, the talking board, and the witchboard.

    • More: Zozo the Ouija Board Demon / 5 Creepiest Ouija Board Stories

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