Top 8 Zombie Anime You Must Watch

Top 8 Zombie Anime You Must Watch

Here is a checklist for all you anime fans out there and an easy list for all of you looking to dive a little further into anime. Our top zombie anime list is comprised of different plots and art styles/forms. you can pick and choose but we recommend you watch the videos for each so you get a little intro into the series before making a full dive.

Our Top Zombie Anime Must Watch List

  1. Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess)

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    • Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess) started as a horror manga series both written and illustrated by Yoshiichi Akahito.

      Makina Hoshimura turns into a Shikabane Hime after she and her family were brutally murdered. Now she is a living corpse contracted by the Kogon Sect. She must now kill 108 corpses so she can gain entrance into heaven.

  2. Zombie-Loan

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    • Zombie-Loan started as another Japanese horror manga series. Zombie-Loan was created by Peach-Pit: Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara.

      In Zombie-Loan, Michiru Kita possesses the rare Shinigami Eyes. With this ability, she can tell the exact time when a person will die. She notices two boys named Chika Akatsuki and sh*to Tachibana in her class who should both be dead but are right in front of her. Kita learns that the two boys made a deal with the Zombie-Loan. As payment for sparing their lives, the kids hunt down zombies. Kita’s ability makes it easy for them to find the zombies, so they recruit her.

  3. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)

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    • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) started as a light novel written by Kimihito Irie, with illustrations by Shino.

      In this anime, God has abandoned the world leaving the natural order of things in disarray. There is no new life now to be born, and the dead cannot leave. The dead now walk relentlessly among the living. God did, however, create "gravediggers" as a final miracle before departing that have the powers to put the dead to final rest.

  4. Gakkou Gurashi! (School Live!)

    • Gakkou Gurashi! (School Live!) also started as a Japanese manga series written by Nitroplus’ Norimitsu Kaiho and illustrated by Sadoru Chiba.

      Yuki Takeya live in total bliss as a third-year high school student, but that is all a sham. The School Living Club has barricaded themselves in the high school to keep out the horrors outside, the zombie apocalypse.

  5. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Is This a Zombie?)

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    • Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Is This a Zombie?) started as a Japanese light novel series by Shinichi Kimura, with illustrations by Kobuichi and Muririn.

      The story focuses on a high school boy named Ayumu Aikawa who was tragically murdered by a serial killer. He was brought back to life by the child-looking necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe as a zombie. If that was not enough, he accidently steals the powers of a magical girl and has to wear her pretty uniform to defeat evil. Haruna, orders him to fight the monsters in her place since she now cannot. They both hope to fix this issue soon.

  6. Sankarea (Sankarea: Undying Love)

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    • Sankarea (Sankarea: Undying Love) started as a romantic comedy written and illustrated by Mitsuru Hattori.

      Chihiro Furuya has an unhealthy fascination with zombies. He gets to live those fantasies when he meets Rea Sanka. She is a daughter of the school director. She drank a resurrection potion that was meant to resurrect the family cat, Baabu. She drinks the magic potion, falls to her death, but comes back as a zombie.

  7. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

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    • Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) is an anime series by Wit Studio and directed by Tetsuro Araki and written by Ichiro Okouchi, with music by Hiroyuki Sawano and original character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto.

      With the world in the middle of the industrial revolution, a mysterious virus emerges creating horrific monsters named "Kabane." Those bitten by the monsters rise again as the undead zombies. The only way to destroy the Kabane is to destroy their steel-coated hearts.

  8. Highschool of the Dead!

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    • Highschool of the Dead started as a Japanese zombie action manga written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shoji Sato.

      My favorite of the zombie horror animes, Highschool of the Dead revolves around a group of high school students who are forced to react quickly to the sudden zombie apocalypse. Hordes of zombies are at every step of the way, and the group intends to survive at all costs.