Top Body Horror Movies You Should Watch!

Top Body Horror Movies You Should Watch!

These top body horror films will make even the most veteran horror movie fans squirm just a bit. Most of these movies are for adults with a high level of gore to separate them from the rest of most films. Directors include John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, David Cronenberg, Clive Barker, Stuart Gordon, and Ken Russell. Trailers and necessary information are included for each movie below. Read the top body horror movies list below.

Top 10 Body Horror Movies

  1. Tetsuo, the Iron Man (1989)

    • Tetsuo, the Iron Man is an Asian horror film that was shot in black and white which fuses the human body with technology in a way that you cannot help but look away a few times which watching this film.

    • Tetsuo (1989)

      AKA(s): Tetsuo, the Iron Man
      Synopsis: A businessman accidentally kills The Metal Fetishist, who gets his revenge by slowly turning the man into a grotesque hybrid of flesh and rusty metal.
      Cast: Shin'ya Tsukamoto, Renji Ishibashi, Naomasa Musaka, Tomorowo Taguchi, Kei Fujiwara, Nobu Kanaoka
      Directors: Shin'ya Tsukamoto
      Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi

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  2. Naked Lunch (1991)

    • Peter Weller stars in Naked Lunch as an exterminator who begins hallucinating on the very chemicals that he uses during work. Giant sized bugs begin to order around and tell him his wife is no good along with many grotesque scenes involved one questionable typewriter.

    • Naked Lunch (1991)

      AKA(s): David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch
      Synopsis: After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in a port town in North Africa.
      Cast: Julian Richings, Ian Holm, Julian Sands, Roy Scheider, Robert A. Silverman, Nicholas Campbell, Louis Ferreira, Peter Weller, Joseph Di Mambro, Michael Zelniker
      Directors: David Cronenberg
      Genres: Drama

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  3. Altered States (1980)

    • William Hurt stars in Altered States as a university professor who experiments on himself resulting in the de-evolution of himself then further becoming a blob of mass.

    • Altered States (1980)

      Synopsis: A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be causing him to regress genetically.
      Cast: John Larroquette, Drew Barrymore, William Hurt, Francis X. McCarthy, Paul Larsson, Charles Haid, Evan Richards, Bob Balaban, Jack Murdock, George Gaynes
      Directors: Ken Russell
      Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

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  4. Dead Ringers (1988)

    • Jeremy Irons stars as twin doctors in Dead Ringers which is all around creepy and gross. The doctors botch surgeries on their clients and then the two become involved with one woman.

    • Dead Ringers (1988)

      Synopsis: Twin gynecologists take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell them apart, until their relationship begins to deteriorate over a woman.
      Cast: David Cronenberg, Jeremy Irons, Barbara Gordon, Denis Akiyama, Damir Andrei, Hadley Kay, David Hughes, Heidi von Palleske, Stephen Lack, Murray Cruchley
      Directors: David Cronenberg
      Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama

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  5. Re-Animator (1985)

    • Re-Animator features star Jeffrey Combs as a doctor who re-animates the dead, but they come back as zombies, oops.

    • Re-Animator (1985)

      Synopsis: A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.
      Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Peter Kent, Greg Robbins, Al Berry, Gerry Black, Bruce Abbott, David Gale, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Jack Draheim
      Directors: Stuart Gordon
      Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy

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  6. Videodrome (1983)

    • Videodrome is riddled with disgusting body scenes that are also a treat for a film from the 80’s. 

    • Videodrome (1983)

      Synopsis: A sleazy cable-TV programmer begins to see his life and the future of media spin out of control in a very unusual fashion when he acquires a new kind of programming for his station.
      Cast: David Cronenberg, James Woods, Leslie Carlson, Peter Dvorsky, Kay Hawtrey, David Bolt, Debbie Harry, Jayne Eastwood, Sam Malkin, Sonja Smits
      Directors: David Cronenberg
      Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery

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  7. Hellraiser (1987)

    • Hellraiser is from the mind of Clive Barker who wrote and directed this film, and we all know that Barker loves gore.

    • Hellraiser (1987)

      AKA(s): Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave
      Synopsis: An unfaithful wife encounters the zombie of her dead lover; demons are pursuing him after he escaped their sadomasochistic underworld.
      Cast: Doug Bradley, Michael Cassidy, Ashley Laurence, Nicholas Vince, Simon Bamford, Oliver Parker, Clare Higgins, Oliver Smith, Robert Hines, Andrew Robinson
      Directors: Clive Barker
      Genres: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy

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  8. Alien (1979)

    • Alien was made famous for the classic chest popping creature scene but has much more to offer.

    • Alien (1979)

      AKA(s): Alien: The Director's Cut, Star Beast
      Synopsis: After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as distress call, their landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious lifeform. Continuing their journey back to Earth with the attacked crew having recovered and the critter deceased, they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.
      Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Ian Holm, John Hurt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto, Eddie Powell, Bolaji Badejo, Helen Horton
      Directors: Ridley Scott
      Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi

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  9. The Thing (1982)

    • The Thing featured some of the best gore factors in a film that left the viewer excited waiting for the next scene; Kurt Russell was great too.

    • The Thing (1982)

      AKA(s): John Carpenter's The Thing
      Synopsis: A research facility in Antarctica comes across an alien force that can become anything it touches with 100% accuracy. The members must now find out who's human and who's not before it's too late.
      Cast: Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau, John Carpenter, Keith David, Charles Hallahan, Norbert Weisser, Richard Dysart, Peter Maloney, Richard Masur, Larry J. Franco
      Directors: John Carpenter
      Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery

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  10. The Fly (1986)

    • The Fly features Jeff Goldblum transforming into 185 lbs. human-fly. We get to see the transformation every step of the disgusting process.

    • The Fly (1986)

      Synopsis: A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong.
      Cast: David Cronenberg, Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Michael Copeman, Leslie Carlson, Joy Boushel, George Chuvalo, Carol Lazare, Shawn Hewitt
      Directors: David Cronenberg
      Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance

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