Christian Bale's AMERICAN PSYCHO Movie Ending Explained!?

Christian Bales AMERICAN PSYCHO Movie Ending Explained!?

Director Mary Harron‘s American Psycho (2000) is a terrific horror film where Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a wealthy New York banking executive who hides his serial killer alto ego from everyone around him. During Bateman’s spiral downward into his evil desires; Bateman killed homeless people, co-workers, and “working women.” However, during the last moments of the film, Patrick Bateman goes completely crazy and kills publicly in a violent rampage claiming innocent bystanders, security guards, police officers, and more. What about the confession left on the answering machine of Bateman’s lawyer. How can American Psycho end with none of these crimes ever being noticed, dead co-workers showing appearances, and even Patrick Bateman wondering what just happened?

American Psycho Movie Ending Explained Breakdown


Watching the ending of American Psycho (2000) the audience are left in the same puzzling wonder asking, did Patrick Bateman kill those homeless people, co-workers, and "working women"? What about the confession he left on his lawyer’s answering machine?

At the end of American Psycho Patrick Bateman realizes:

  1. Dreaded Paul Allen (Jared Leto) never died and is alive and well.

    • American Psycho Patrick Bateman claims Paul Allen
  2. Co-workers all seem normal without nothing out of place.

  3. The lawyer whose answering machine contains Patrick Bateman’s confession for the murders claims to have met Paul Allen after the claimed murder date.

The answer to what happened and the ending of American Psycho is obvious; Bateman’s imagination ran wild, and everything happened in his twisted and demented mind.

American Psycho Patrick Bateman ax

The greatest hint to this is when Jean, Bateman’s secretary finds his office journal filled with drawings of murder and terrible horrors. That compounded with Paul Allen meeting up with Bateman’s lawyer proves that the events never happened. This movie ending leaves the audience wondering what DID happen?

Further adding insult to injury, Patrick Bateman is still mistaken for someone else.

American Psycho Patrick Bateman

American Psycho (2000)

Directed by Mary Harron

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Official Synopsis: Patrick Bateman is handsome, well educated and intelligent. He is twenty-seven and living his own American dream. He works by day on Wall Street, earning a fortune to complement the one he was born with. At night he descends into madness, as he experiments with fear and violence.

Cast: Joseph Oliveira, Willem Dafoe, Reese Witherspoon, Christian Bale, ChloĆ« Sevigny, Chloë Sevigny, Ronald Reagan, Landy Cannon, Bill Sage, Matt Ross,…
Genres: Drama, Crime