List of 7 Grossest Creatures to Wash Up on Shore

List of 7 Grossest Creatures to Wash Up on Shore

Unfortunately, some folks have come across some of the grossest creatures to wash up on shore while strolling the beach. For all of us intrigued by cryptozoology, this is awesome but imagine those once calm and unsuspecting discoverers. Not only were these creatures disgusting, but they were also extremely horrifying and grotesque. Take a look down memory lane as we recall some of the grossest creatures to be discovered on the beach.

Grossest Creatures to Wash Up on Shore

  1. Montauk Monster

    • Montauk Monster
    • Credit: Wikipedia
    • Discovered on the beach of Montauk, New York by two women. Many claim this creature to be a fake because the body has never been available for testing conveniently. Many believe the Montauk Creature is nothing more than a horribly rotten diseased dog, a raccoon (I can believe this one), or a sea turtle.
  2. New Zealand Dinosaur

    • New Zealand Dinosaur
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    • A Japanese fishing boat pulled up the New Zealand Dinosaur off the coast of New Zealand while trawling for mackerel. An individual from Japan’s National Science Museum stated it is not a whale. He also ruled out the creature being a fish or mammal. The men threw the carcass back into the ocean leaving a definitive explanation a mystery. Some believe the plesiosaur dinosaur may have remained mummified at the bottom of the ocean floor before finally floating back up. It is not like a plesiosaur dinosaur could have survived all these years right?
  3. Ontario Beast

    • Ontario Beast
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    • The Ontario Beast was discovered in Kitchenuhmaykoosib, Ontario by two women. Many believe this beast is the remains of the offspring of a rat and a boar (what?) or a raccoon.
  4. Panama Creature

    • Panama Creature
    • Credit: telemetro
    • Two kids claimed to have seen the Panama Creature close to a cave and beat it to death. An autopsy on the Panama Creature confirms the two kids statement was a lie and that this creature is the decomposed, bloated body of a hairless sloth.
  5. China Monster

    • China Monster
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    • The China Monster was discovered on the shores of China in June 2011. The size of the creature is the true alarming aspect. This creature measured 55-foot long and weighed 4.5 tons. Many believe this monster is a Coelacanths (dino-fish). The Coelacanths were thought to have gone extinct 65 million years ago. A live specimen was discovered in 1938.
  6. Russian Sheep Shark Thing

    • Russian Sheep Shark Thing
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    • The Russian Sheep Shark was discovered by Russian soldiers in the most eastern part of Russia. At first glance, the Russian Sheep Shark looks like an alligator, what this specimen has skin and fur. The head is also eerily shaped like a sheep head. The corpse was taken and has never been heard about again.
  7. Scotland Mystery

    • Scotland Monster
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    • A woman came across this massive 30-foot skeleton in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Scotland Mystery is believed by some to be a pilot whale or perhaps, a generic Nessie-type monster.