Scary Boogeymen From Around the World

Scary Boogeymen From Around the World

Every country and culture have their version of the boogeyman concept. Here we compiled a list of 15 scary boogeymen from around the world. FYI, I placed the most interesting boogeymen lower on in the list, Happy Hunting!

15 Boogeymen From Around the World

  1. Namahage (Japan)

    • This boogeyman requires a little assistance from the parents of the household on New Year’s. The Namahage asks the parents if they have any lazy or crying children, if they report none, the Namahage moves on to the next house. I guess you can say it weeds out the bad children.

  2. Groke (Finland)

    • A female boogeyman who is a giant blue blob whose feet freezes the ground beneath it as it walks. The Groke is a very lonely and sad entity. The Groke is strangely not malevolent but lonely seeking someone to not run away from her.

  3. Bolman (Netherlands)

    • The Bolman is a more traditional boogeyman who hides under your bed or in your closet waiting to drag you into the basement if you do not fall asleep.

  4. Bonhomme Sept-Heures - The Seven O’Clock Man (Quebec)

    • The Bonhomme Sept-Heures name may have been taken from the English meaning "bone setter." He steals children, but only if they are awake.

  5. Torbalan (Bulgaria)

    • Torbalan, an anti-Santa Claus and partner to Baba Yaga who waits in the shadows waiting to snatch misbehaving children and take them away in his sack.

  6. Boggart (Scotland)

    • The Boggart is a malicious fairy whose goal is to cause troubles and distress. To protect you from Boggarts, you should place a horseshoe over your doorway. If you name a Boggart, it will follow your family wherever you go.

  7. Kotgahm (Korea)

    • The Kotgahm is said to appear as an old man carrying a mesh sack. He comes to carry naughty children away.

  8. Bubak (Czech Republic / Poland)

    • The Bubak is a scarecrow-like man hiding along riverbanks. Preying on both adults and children.

  9. Nokken (Norway)

    • The Nokken is a lake monster that will grab you into the lake if you do not enter the lake when called. Why would someone enter a lake with a lake monster anyway?

  10. Small Man (Bahamas)

    • The Small Man is a boogeyman looking to recruit more small men. He will capture children who are out after sundown turning them into a Small Person. Once turned into a Small Person, you will ride in his rolling cart forever.

  11. El Coco (Spain and Mexico)

    • In the 16th and 17th century, orphan collectors captured children who refused to go to bed and sleep. El Coco was born and appears like a little man who resembles a coconut with the hairiness and the three holes as features of a face.

  12. Pugot Mamu (Philippines)

    • The Pugot Mamu is a headless shape-shifter with a gigantic form. Creepy, the Pugot Mamu beheaded itself and devours the children he captures through the hole in its neck. The Pugot Mamu dwells in deserted houses and the trees.

  13. Buggy Man (England)

    • Originating during the time of the Black Plague from the driver, Buggy Man, who pushed the cart picking up corpses in Europe. Imagined as a mist or fog scratching at windows in the night, but sometimes also imagined as a tall scarecrow-like man hunting for its next victim.

  14. Jumbies (Trinidad and Tobago)

    • The boogeymen I grew up hearing about, the Jumbies. Jumbies are said to have no feet and are shape-shifters. Random animals are considered to be possible Jumbies.

    • Ways to deter Jumbies are by:

      • Leaving shoes outside, Jumbies will try all night to put them on.

      • Leaving a container of rice or sand outside. The Jumbies will have to count each grain.

      • Leaving a rope with many knots, Jumbies are compelled to untie each and every knot.

      • Crossing a river will leave the Jumbie on the other side because they cannot cross running water.

  15. I’uomo Nero (Italy)

    • The I’uomo Nero is the monster waiting under the table to take away children who do not eat out their food. Parents will knock on the table warning the child/children that this boogeyman is waiting under the table to get them. He is a tall man with a hidden face under a black hat and heavy coat.