Creepy Mystery Case of Elisa Lam

Creepy Mystery Case of Elisa Lam

The mysterious case of Elisa Lam occurred in February 2013 and still leaves many wondering what happened to this young lady. From here questionable eerie events happened in the last moments of Elisa Lam in an elevator seem a little paranormal. What happened between the disappearance from the elevator to her dead body was found in the Cecil Hotel‘s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. A tragic unexplained mystery for Elisa Lam, a 21-year old student from Vancouver, Canada.

An autopsy of Elisa Lam revealed there were no traces of alcohol or drugs found in her system and ruled the death "accidental due to drowning" by the L.A. County Department of Coroner.

Below is the erratic behavior of Elisa Lam from the hotel’s elevator surveillance tape. This strange behavior has Elisa Lam clearly terrified of something unseen by the camera until she finally leaves the safety of the elevator. Watch the video below for yourself.


The video above starts with Elisa Lam pressing all of the elevator buttons and with the elevator moving nowhere. She comes out to investigate as if someone or something is the reason of her frantically trying to get away from there.

The next thing that happens is the start of the eerie, creepy case. Elisa Lam’s hands start to move erratically and almost inhumanly at around 1:57 seconds into the video. She seems to be talking or pleading with someone also.

Elisa Lam then walks away from the elevator. After a few moments, the elevator door closes then reopens again only to close again. The elevator doors open again and then closes one final time before the video stops.

The events that come after are all speculated, but basically, Elisa Lam gained access to the rooftop and climbed into the water tank eventually drowning in the water. Hotel guests complained of strange tasting water and color.

From the Police Report of Elisa Lam

The body of Elisa Lam had been decomposing in the water tower for 19 days. She was found naked, with her belongings floating beside her and covered in a ‘sand-like substance.’ There was no suicide note.

The door to the roof was locked and alarmed, raising questions about how she could get on the roof in the first place. Additionally, you needed a ladder and a strong arm to climb the tank and get inside. There was no ladder on the scene, and Elisa was 5.5ft and weighed only 121 lbs.

Cecil Hotel’s Dark History of Murder and Death

In the 1920s, the Cecil Hotel opened catering to short term businessmen but was forced to extend the time limit policy to stay in business.

Shortly after extending the time limit policy, new occupants committed numerous suicides in the hotel. Amongst the depressed were the depraved. Famous serial killers stayed at the hotel including Richard Ramirez. Richard Ramirez killed numerous people in Los Angeles while he stayed at the Cecil Hotel, assumed 13 in total in the mid-1980s. Austrian serial killer, Jack Unterweger, murdered 3 "working women" during his stay in 1991.

Strange Coincidence?

Shortly after Elisa Lam was discovered in the water tank, nearby in Skid Row, a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis broke out. The name of the test kit used to test the victims was called LAM-ELISA. That is a strange coincidence.

Strange Posts After Death

Elisa Lam’s phone remains cell phone was never recovered. Elisa Lam’s Tumblr posts ( continue to post 6 months after her demise mysteriously. Could Lam have scheduled the posts so far in the future? Below is one of the weirder posts.

Elisa Lam Tumblr postRitual Murder near Cecil Hotel

In January 1947, local resident woman Betty Bersinger found what would be later called "one of the most horrific murders of the 20th Century."

Actress, Elizabeth Short was the victim of what can only be a ritual murder. A smile was carved into her face, her body was drained of blood, with her body completely severed at the waist. The killer was never discovered but he did contact the police at a later date to send Short’s address book.

Elizabeth Short was last seen at the Cecil Hotel.