Top 10 Freakiest Creepypastas Ever Told [Video]

Top 10 Freakiest Creepypastas Ever Told [Video]

Reading and listening to Creepypastas are a great way to spend your time on the internet but it may be rounding up some of the best creepypastas on the internet. Thankfully, YouTuber Matthew Santoro shared his creepypasta list with us.

Mathew Santoro’s Top 10 Freakiest Creepypastas Ever Told

  1. 1999

    • This creepypasta is about a Canadian blogger who decides to uncover the truth behind a creepy TV series that aired only a few episodes in 1999. Local police supposedly raided the TV station and shut down the production of the show. This creepypasta became the basis for Syfy’s Channel Zero Season 1.

  2. The Rake

    • Internet creature, The Rake was discovered by a team of researchers uncovered in documents long forgotten dating far back to the 12th century. The Rake is described as a half-dog half-human looking creature.

  3. Where the Bad Kids Go

    • Another instance where an old TV show starts a creepypasta. A photographer investigates details from his childhood show where every episode was designed to scare children into being good. The episodes ended each time with a slow zoom into a rusted door where eventually screams could be heard from the other side of the door. Just then, text on the TV screen would read "That is where the bad kids go." The photographer finds the iron door, and the massacre remains within, it was all real.

  4. The Other Watcher

    • The Other Watcher takes place in a hotel where a man checks in for the first time and is warned to not look into the room with the missing number. What does he do, the absolute opposite, he looks in through the lock hole. A pale woman was standing in the room on the other side. The next day he looked through and saw nothing but red. He asks the lady at the front desk what the story about that room is and she tells him that a man murdered his wife in that room and she now haunts it. Reports say that her entire body is pale, but her eyes are blood red.

  5. SCP Foundation

    • The "Secure. Contain. Protect. Foundation" also know as the SCP Foundation. This fun creepypasta is about a group of officials who study and protect the populace from strange and unusual creatures. This particular story is about the SCP 173 creature known as The Sculpture. It is a statue-like creature with a bloody face and short limbs that must constantly be observed. If left for a moment unwatched and eye contact is broken, it will immediately break the neck of its victims.

  6. Jeff The Killer

    • The Jeff The Killer creepypasta was about the youngster who got in a fight and discovered that he enjoyed it. Jeff was caught shortly after, by his mom, she discovered that he had carved his face into a permanent smile and cut off his eyelids to avoid sleep. He then looked at his mom and said: "Mommy you lied!" before killing his entire family and disappeared.

  7. Wake Up

    • Wake Up, is a story about a tragedy victim who retreats into their world and finally finds a note telling him to wake up from the dream world.

  8. Slender Man

    • The Slender Man creepypasta is about the creature in an oddly slender tall black suit wearing man with a blank face. Reports date Slender Man back centuries dating back to Roman times. When you see him, it is already too late.

  9. Robert The Doll

  10. Ben Drowned

    • This creepypasta is based on the haunted copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64 (N64). A boy plays a haunted save file for the game where creepy and odds things begin to happen.

Matthew Santoro did a terrific job breaking down each video so make sure you watch the video. Thank you Matt!