13 RUPTURE Movie Stills Plus Alternate Movie Poster

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13 RUPTURE Movie Stills Plus Alternate Movie Poster

There is no lie that Steven Shainberg‘s Rupture (2016) film has peaked my interests, and I cannot wait to see this movie. This film will release in movie theaters, on VOD, and Digital HD this April 28, 2017, DirecTV release on March 30, 2017. Also, we included the alternate movie poster with a little more flesh.

Stills via AMBI Media Group:

Rupture 01Rupture 02Rupture 03Rupture 04Rupture 05Rupture 06Rupture 07Rupture 08Rupture 09Rupture 10Rupture 11Rupture 12Rupture 13Rupture Poster 2

Rupture (2016)

Directed by Steven Shainberg

Movie Overview | Trailer

Official Synopsis: Without even knowing it, Renee, a divorced single mother, and her rebellious teen son, Evan, are being under surveillance in their own home. But who is the one behind the hidden cameras, collecting all this information about this unaware family? Before long, an odd car breakdown will set the stage for Renee's violent abduction, where a group of anything but good Samaritans will take her to a state-of-the-art hidden laboratory to conduct a string of horrifying psychosomatic experiments on her. What are the intentions of Renee's unfeeling snatchers?

Cast: Peter Stormare, Michael Chiklis, Jonathan Potts, Ari Millen, Alex Chung, Noomi Rapace, Kerry Bishé, Kerry Bishé, Lesley Manville, Percy Hynes…
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi