30 Best Modern Horror Movies Of The 21st Century So Far

30 Best Modern Horror Movies Of The 21st Century So Far

Check out The 30+ Best Horror Films Of The 21st Century So Far! Here is a massive list of over 30 plus movies worth watching to come out of the horror genre in recent years. I made sure to include a large variety of subgenres, so there is something for everyone. Every horror film is ranked, rated, and has a movie trailer attached for viewing.

Top 30 Best Modern Horror Movies

  1. 1). Get Out (2017)

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    Get Out (2017)

    Official Synopsis: Chris and his girlfriend Rose go upstate to visit her parents for the weekend. At first, Chris reads the family's overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter's interracial relationship, but as…

    Tagline: Just because you're invited, doesn't mean you're welcome.

    Cast: Stephen Root, Keegan-Michael Key, Caleb Landry Jones, Jack Teague, Geraldine Singer, Trey Burvant, Julie Ann Doan, Ian Casselberry, Betty Gabriel,…

  2. 2). Black Swan (2010)

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    Black Swan (2010)

    Official Synopsis: Nina (Portman) is a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance. She lives with her obsessive former ballerina mother Erica (Hershey)…

    Cast: Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, Mark Margolis, Sebastian Stan, Barbara Hershey, Toby Hemingway, Chris Gartin, Mila Kunis, Andrew Daly, Stanley B.…

  3. 3). Train to Busan (2016)

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    Train to Busan (2016)

    Official Synopsis: Sok-woo, a father with not much time for his daughter, Soo-ahn, are boarding the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan. But during their journey, the apocalypse begins, and most…

    Tagline: Life-or-death survival begins

    Cast: Terri Doty, Woo-sik Choi, Kwang-Hyun Joo, Gwi-hwa Choi, Joong-ok Lee, Yoon-joo Kim, Soo-jung Ye, Yool-ho Kim, Joon-pyo Hong, Jae-rok Kim,…

  4. 4). The Witch (2015)

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    The Witch (2015)

    Official Synopsis: New England, 1630: William and Katherine try to lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the…

    Tagline: A New-England Folktale.

    Cast: Julian Richings, Carrie Eklund, Ralph Ineson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Derek Herd, Michael O'Hare, Jeff Smith, Kate Dickie, Ron G. Young, Brooklyn…

  5. 5). The Host (2006)

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    The Host (2006)

    Official Synopsis: The film revolves around Park Hee-bong, a man in his late 60s. He runs a small snack bar on the banks of the Han River and lives with his two sons, one daughter, and one…

    Tagline: It is Lurking Behind You

    Cast: Kang-ho Song, Paul Lazar, Dal-su Oh, Philip Hersh, Ah-sung Ko, Scott Wilson, Hee-Bong Byun, Ko Asung, Hie-bong Byeon, Je-mun Yun,…

  6. 6). The Babadook (2014)

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    The Babadook (2014)

    Official Synopsis: Amelia, who lost her husband in a car crash on the way to give birth to Samuel, their only child, struggles to cope with her fate as a single mom. Samuel's constant fear of monsters…

    Tagline: If it's in a word. Or it's in a look. You can't get rid of ... The Babadook

    Cast: Tiffany Lyndall-Knight, Essie Davis, Daniel Henshall, Jacquy Phillips, Jacqy Phillips, Ethan Grabis, Terence Crawford, Sophie Riggs, Tony Mack, Annie Batten,…

  7. 7). Under the Shadow (2016)

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    Under the Shadow (2016)

    Official Synopsis: As a mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the post-revolution, war-torn Tehran of the 1980s, a mysterious evil begins to haunt their home.

    Tagline: Fear will find you.

    Cast: Tom Wayland, Hamid Djavadan, Mike Pollock, Arash Marandi, Ray Haratian, Narges Rashidi, Mia Sinclair Jenness, Houshang Ranjbar, Kayzie Rogers, Amir…

  8. 8). The Loved Ones (2009)

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    The Loved Ones (2009)

    Official Synopsis: In order to avoid a ghostly figure in the road, high school senior Brent Mitchell wraps his car around a tree, killing his father. Constantly confronted by his mother's emotional collapse after the accident, Brent…

    Tagline: You don't have to die to go to hell

    Cast: Gulliver McGrath, Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, Vas Anagnos, John Brumpton, Suzi Dougherty, Tom Mahoney, Stevie-Lou Answerth, Victoria Thaine, Liam Duxbury,…

  9. 9). Mulholland Dr. (2001)

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    Mulholland Dr. (2001)

    Official Synopsis: A bright-eyed young actress travels to Hollywood, only to be ensnared in a dark conspiracy involving a woman who was nearly murdered, and now has amnesia because of a car crash. Eventually, both women are…

    Tagline: Beware what you dream for...

    Cast: James Karen, Melissa George, Wayne Grace, Patrick Fischler, Bonnie Aarons, Tad Horino, Dan Hedaya, Justin Theroux, Elina Madison, Robert Forster,…

  10. 10). It Follows (2014)

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    It Follows (2014)

    Official Synopsis: For nineteen-year-old Jay, Autumn should be about school, boys and week-ends out at the lake. But after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, she finds herself plagued by strange visions and the inescapable sense that someone,…

    Tagline: It doesn't think. It doesn't feel. It doesn't give up.

    Cast: Vincent Hogarth, Ele Bardha, Keir Gilchrist, Jake Weary, Maika Monroe, Scott Norman, Linda Boston, Heather Fairbanks, Daniel Zovatto, Carollette Phillips,…

  11. 11). The Devil's Backbone (2001)

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    The Devil's Backbone (2001)

    Official Synopsis: It is 1939, the end of three years of bloody civil war in Spain, and General Franco's right-wing Nationalists are poised to defeat the left-wing Republican forces. A ten-year-old boy named Carlos, the son of…

    Tagline: The living will always be more dangerous than the dead.

    Cast: Federico Luppi, Juan Carlos Vellido, José Luis Torrijo, Íñigo Garcés, Fernando Tielve, José Luis Torrijo, Francisco Maestre, Íñigo Garcés, Víctor…

  12. 12). A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

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    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

    Official Synopsis: In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire.

    Tagline: The first Iranian Vampire Western

    Cast: Dominic Rains, Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Ray Haratian, Marshall Manesh, Mozhan Marnò, Rome Shadanloo, Milad Eghbali, Reza Sixo Safai, Pej…

  13. 13). Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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    Shaun of the Dead (2004)

    Official Synopsis: Shaun doesn't have a very good day, so he decides to turn his life around by getting his ex to take him back, but he times it for right in the middle of what may…

    Tagline: It's just one of those days when you're feeling a little...dead.

    Cast: Simon Pegg, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Michael Smiley, Peter Serafinowicz, Rafe Spall, Nick Frost, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Reece Shearsmith, Julia Deakin,…

  14. 14). The Conjuring (2013)

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    The Conjuring (2013)

    Official Synopsis: In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm house and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal…

    Cast: Patrick Wilson, Joseph Bishara, Steve Coulter, Millie Wannamaker, Jesse Michael Fullington, Vera Farmiga, Christopher Cozort, Shannon Kook, Sterling Jerins, Felix…

  15. 15). Raw (2016)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Raw (2016)

    Official Synopsis: Justine is a first-year veterinary student. Her elder sister is studying the same course at the university. Justine was raised a strict vegetarian but, as part of the hazing rituals, is forced to eat meat.…

    Tagline: What are you hungry for?

    Cast: Laurent Lucas, Morgan Politi, Garance Marillier, Alice D'Hauwe, Ella Rumpf, Pierre Nisse, Rabah Nait Oufella, Maïté Katinka Lonne, Joana Preiss,…

  16. 16). Let the Right One in (Lat den ratte komma in) (2008)

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    Let the Right One in (Lat den ratte komma in) (2008)

    Official Synopsis: Oskar, a bullied 12-year old, dreams of revenge. He falls in love with Eli, a peculiar girl. She can't stand the sun or food and to come into a room she needs to be invited.…

    Tagline: Eli is 12 years old. She's been 12 for over 200 years and, she just moved in next door.

    Cast: Libby Brien, Philip Hersh, Adam Stone, Peter Carlberg, Sören Källstigen, Elif Ceylan, Kåre Hedebrant, Malin Cederblad, Lina Leandersson, Berndt Östman,…

  17. 17). Housebound (2014)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Housebound (2014)

    Official Synopsis: Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to…

    Cast: Cameron Rhodes, Bruce Hopkins, Ian Mune, David Van Horn, Louise Mills, Morgana O'Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Glen-Paul Waru, Ross Harper,…

  18. 18). The Wailing (2016)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    The Wailing (2016)

    Official Synopsis: In the small village Goksung in South Korea, police officer Jong-Goo investigates bizarre murders caused by a mysterious disease. His partner relays gossip that a Japanese stranger, who lives in a secluded house in the…

    Tagline: From acclaimed director Na Hong-jin

    Cast: Jun Kunimura, Jeong-eun Lee, Gwi-hwa Choi, Yong-nyeo Lee, Kang-gook Son, Jae-il Im, Soo-Yeon Ahn, Min-seok Song, Woo-hee Chun, Han-cheul Cho,…

  19. 19). 28 Days Later... (2002)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    28 Days Later... (2002)

    Official Synopsis: Animal activists invade a laboratory with the intention of releasing chimpanzees that are undergoing experimentation, infected by a virus -a virus that causes rage. The naive activists ignore the pleas of a scientist to keep…

    Tagline: His fear began when he woke up alone. His terror began when he realised he wasn't.

    Cast: Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Paul Kasey, Leo Bill, Noah Huntley, Christopher Eccleston, Justin Hackney, Steen Young, Adrian Christopher, Nick Ewans,…

  20. 20). The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

    Official Synopsis: In a dystopian near future, humanity has been ravaged by a mysterious fungal disease. The afflicted are robbed of all free will and turned into flesh-eating 'hungries'. Humankind's only hope is a small group of…

    Tagline: Our greatest threat is our only hope.

    Cast: Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton, Mickey Lewis, Pete Buzzsaw Holland, Dominique Tipper, Richard Price, Jennifer Day, Grace Savage, Daniel Eghan, Pamela…

  21. 21). The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016)

    Official Synopsis: In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London, England, where single mother Peggy Hodgson believes that something evil is in her home. When Peggy's youngest daughter starts showing signs of demonic possession,…

    Tagline: The next true story from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren

    Cast: Javier Botet, Patrick Wilson, Robin Atkin Downes, Jamie Soricelli, David Thewlis, Joseph Bishara, Jesse Michael Fullington, Steve Coulter, Vera Farmiga,…

  22. 22). The Orphanage (2007)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    The Orphanage (2007)

    Official Synopsis: Laura, a former orphan, raises her adopted son Simón together with her husband Carlos in an old house and former orphanage where she was raised. While at the orphanage Simón tells Laura that he has…

    Tagline: Un cuento de amor. Una historia de terror (A tale of love. A story of horror)

    Cast: Geraldine Chaplin, Blanca Martínez, Carol Suárez, Carmen López, Isabel Friera, Belén Rueda, Fernando Marrot, Fernando Cayo, Jordi Cardus, Roger Príncep,…

  23. 23). The Others (2001)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    The Others (2001)

    Official Synopsis: A woman named Grace retires with her two children to a mansion on Jersey, towards the end of the Second World War, where she's waiting for her husband to come back from battle. The children…

    Tagline: Sooner or later she'll see them, then everything will be different.

    Cast: Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston, Elaine Cassidy, Michelle Fairley, Alakina Mann, James Bentley, Eric Sykes, Renée Asherson, Gordon Reid,…

  24. 24). The Guest (2014)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    The Guest (2014)

    Official Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: Be careful who you let in.

    Cast: AJ Bowen, Ethan Embry, Leland Orser, Chris Ellis, Chase Williamson, Maika Monroe, Joel David Moore, J. Nathan Simmons, Tina Borek,…

  25. 25). [Rec] (2007)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    [Rec] (2007)

    Official Synopsis: "REC" turns on a young TV reporter and her cameraman who cover the night shift at the local fire station. Receiving a call from an old lady trapped in her house, they reach her building…

    Tagline: One Witness. One Camera

    Cast: Javier Botet, Carlos Lasarte, Ferran Terraza, Manuela Velasco, María Teresa Ortega, Manuel Bronchud, Pablo Rosso, Maria Lanau, Daniel Trinh, Claudia…

Good Movies Worth Mentioning

  1. 26). It (2017)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    It (2017)

    Official Synopsis: In the Town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one. In a place known as 'The Barrens', a group of seven kids are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with an…

    Tagline: You'll float too.

  2. 27). The Invitation (2015)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    The Invitation (2015)

    Official Synopsis: Will and Eden were once a loving couple. After a tragedy took their son, Eden disappeared. Two years later, out of the blue, she returns with a new husband... and as a different person, eerily…

    Tagline: There is nothing to be afraid of

  3. 28). It Comes at Night (2017)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    It Comes at Night (2017)

    Official Synopsis: Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, the tenuous domestic order he has established with his wife and son is put to the ultimate test with the arrival of a…

  4. 29). Let Me In (2010)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Let Me In (2010)

    Official Synopsis: In Los Alamos, New Mexico, the twelve year-old Owen is a lonely and outcast boy bullied in school by Kenny and two other classmates; at home, Owen dreams of avenging himself against the trio of…

    Tagline: Innocence dies. Abby doesn't.

  5. 30). I Saw the Devil (2010)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    I Saw the Devil (2010)

    Official Synopsis: SPOILER: Jang Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik) is a dangerous psychopath serial killer. He has committed infernal serial murders in diabolic ways that one cannot even imagine and his victims range from young women to even children.…

    Tagline: Evil lives inside.

  6. 31). The House of the Devil (2009)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: Talk on the phone. Finish your homework. Watch T.V. DIE!

  7. 32). The Descent (2005)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: A woman goes on vacation with her friends after her husband and daughter encounter a tragic accident. One year later she goes hiking with her friends and they get trapped in the cave. With a…

    Tagline: The Scariest Movie In Earth

  8. 33). Ginger Snaps (2000)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Is becoming a woman analogous, in some deep psychological way, to becoming a werewolf? Ginger is 16, edgy, tough, and, with her younger sister, into staging and photographing scenes of death. They've made a pact…

    Tagline: She's got the curse

  9. 34). You're Next (2011)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: A family reunion turns into a full-on massacre when a gang of masked killers invade a sprawling country mansion on a ruthless mission of murder. Paul (Rob Moran) and Aubrey Davison (Barbara Crampton) are about…

    Tagline: Did you remember to lock your door?

  10. 35). Audition (1999)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: In Tokyo, Shigeharu Aoyama is a widower that grieves the loss of his wife and raises his son Shigehiko Aoyama alone. Seven years later, the teenage Shigehiko asks why his middle-aged father does not remarry…

    Tagline: She always gets a part

  11. 36). We Are What We Are (2013)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: A seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers have always kept to themselves, and for good reason. Behind closed doors, patriarch Frank rules his family with a rigorous fervor, determined to keep his ancestral customs…

    Tagline: Blood is the strongest bond.

  12. 37). The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: What starts as a poignant medical documentary about Deborah Logan's descent into Alzheimer's disease and her daughter's struggles as caregiver degenerates into a maddening portrayal of dementia at its most frightening, as hair-raising events begin…

    Tagline: Evil lives within you.

  13. 38). Excision (2012)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: This film is about Pauline, a young woman (18yo) who lives with her family and her younger sister Grace who has Cystic Fibrosis. Pauline has some delusions of being a great surgeon, and she also…

    Tagline: Heal the sickness.

  14. 39). The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Five teenagers head off for a weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods. They arrive to find they are quite isolated with no means of communicating with the outside world. When the cellar door…

    Tagline: If you hear a strange sound outside... have sex.

  15. 40). Oculus (2013)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: The twenty-one-year-old Timothy "Tim" Allen Russell is discharged from a mental institution by his psychiatric Dr. Shawn Graham completely healed from a childhood trauma where his father purportedly tortured and killed his mother before being…

    Tagline: You see what it wants you to see.

  16. 41). Eden Lake (2008)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Nursery teacher Jenny and her boyfriend Steve, escape for a romantic weekend away. Steve, planning to propose, has found an idyllic setting: a remote lake enclosed by woodlands and seemingly deserted. The couple's peace is…

    Tagline: A weekend by the lake, with views to die for.

  17. 42). What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Follow the lives of Viago (Taika Waititi), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh), and Vladislav (Jemaine Clement) - three flatmates who are just trying to get by and overcome life's obstacles-like being immortal vampires who must feast on…

    Tagline: Some interviews with some vampires.

  18. 43). Evil Dead Remake (2013)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession…

    Tagline: The most terrifying film you will ever experience.

  19. 44). The Ring (2002)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Rachel Keller is a journalist investigating a videotape that may have killed four teenagers (including her niece). There is an urban legend about this tape: the viewer will die seven days after watching it. If…

    Tagline: Before you die, you see... the ring.

  20. 45). Split (2016)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others. Compelled to abduct…

    Tagline: Kevin has 23 distinct personalities. The 24th is about to be unleashed.

  21. 46). Pulse (2001)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: After one of their friends commits suicide, strange things begin happening to a group of young Tokyo residents. One of them sees visions of his dead friend in the shadows on the wall, while another's…

    Tagline: Yûrei ni aitai desu ka? (Do you want to meet a ghost?)

  22. 47). Drag Me to Hell (2009)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Christine Brown is a loans officer at a bank but is worried about her lot in life. She's in competition with a competent colleague for an assistant manager position and isn't too sure about her…

    Tagline: Christine Brown has a good job, a great boyfriend, and a bright future. But in three days, she's going to hell.

  23. 48). Kill List (2011)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

  24. 49). 100 Bloody Acres (2012)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: The use of dead car crash victims in the Morgan Brothers' "Blood and Bone" fertiliser has been a huge boon to business. But it's been months since their last find and an important new customer…

    Tagline: They're not psycho killers . . . they're small business owners.

  25. 50). Let Us Prey (2014)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Official Synopsis: Rachel, a rookie cop, is about to begin her first night shift in a neglected police station in a Scottish, backwater town. The kind of place where the tide has gone out and stranded a…

    Tagline: Darkness shall rise.