Top 20 Creepy Actors

Top 20 Creepy Actors

Check out this top 20 creepy actors list. A few talented actors can pull off a disturbing role very well, and a few other actors seem like they cannot help playing creepy characters all the time. Some well-known actors listed here include Willem Dafoe, Tim Curry, Christopher Walken, Cillian Murphy, Crispen Glover, and Steve Buscemi. Thanks to Toposaurus TOP10 for posting this video.

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Top 20 Creepiest Actors

  1. Billy Bob Thornton

  2. Gary Busey

  3. Vincent Shiavelli

  4. Richard O’Brien

  5. John Waters

  6. Alan Cumming

  7. Cillian Murphy

  8. Paul Reubens

  9. Peter Greene

  10. Robert Knepper

  11. John Malkovich

  12. Peter Lorre

  13. Tim Curry

  14. Laurence R. Harvey

  15. Elijah Wood

  16. Christopher Walken

  17. Clint Howard

  18. Willem Dafoe

  19. Steve Buscemi

  20. Crispin Glover