Top 10 STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Check out this list of the best Stranger Things theories on Reddit. A lot of interesting theories, most of which many of us were thinking with detailed explanations as to why. With so many references to so many hits from the 80’s, there are so many theories you can pull of this popular Netflix TV Series. Thanks to Alltime10s for posting this video.

Written theories list below with a brief description for each.


Top 10 Stranger Things Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Will is Psychic Too

    • Will also being psychic would explain why the Demogorgon targeted him or was drawn to him specifically.

    • Will also managed to outrun the Demogorgon in the Upside Down.

    • Will was able to communicate with his mother from the Upside Down while no one else could do the same.

  2. Prequel to Stephen King’s The Mist

    • Creatures also invade to our dimension through a rift in The Mist based on Stephen King’s novel. Some believe that the Todash Space between the worlds where the creatures from The Mist exists is the Upside Down from Stranger Things.

  3. The Thessalhydra

    • This Stranger Things fan theory tells of Thessalhydra mentioned at the end of Stranger Things Season 1 while the boys are playing Dungeons & Dragons again. In the first episode, the children are playing Dungeons & Dragons and mention the Demogorgon then. Makes sense that we should get a bigger and stronger monster than the Demogorgon in Season 2. The beast has many heads and is huge.

  4. Will is Still in the Upside Down

    • Just like Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), Will could be in the Upside Down, and something else could have taken his place.

  5. Hopper’s Daughter

    • Was Sarah, Hopper’s daughter, another test subject of the Hawkins National Lab?

  6. Alternate Future

    • Maybe the Upside Down is an alternative future instead of a parallel world.

  7. Roman & the Lost Brother

    • Is Roman one of the very first child test subjects?

  8. The Montauk Project

    • Drawing reference to the rumors of cruel experiments done on children with potential psychic abilities in Montauk, New York.

  9. Hopper is the Stranger Things Season 2 Villian

    • Is Hopper the new head of Hawking?

  10. Eleven is the Demogorgon

    • Was Eleven literal is she said that she opened the gate and that she was the monster?

    • The Demogorgon has two heads that are always at odds with each other.

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