10 Ways to Become Immortal

10 Ways to Become Immortal

Here is a mixture of mythology and other means in which it is written to obtain immortality. This video is a short 7 minutes and edited with exciting mentions and reasons to back each up. Thanks to Eskify for creating and posting this top list video, please like and share.

A brief list of this top list below this video.


  1. Golden Apples - Norse Mythology tells of the Golden Apple which the Norse Gods used to retain their immortality until they were no more.

  2. The Elixir of Life

  3. The Philosopher’s Stone

  4. The Moon Rabbit

  5. The Mysterious Plant

  6. Fountain of Youth

  7. Occultism

  8. Anger Jesus

  9. Holy Grail

  10. Medical Breakthroughs