10 Ways to Survive the COMING Zombie Apocalypse!?

10 Ways to Survive the COMING Zombie Apocalypse!?

Many folks have fantasies of various lengths at one point in their lives about the zombie apocalypse. Here are a few primary survival tips for the zombie apocalypse. I know some folks are planning bunkers filled with rations for 10-20 years and all that but for the average person like me, we have to do with what little we have. I recently saw Walmart carrying a 30-day supply of emergency food rations in a bucket looking thing. The key to surviving the zombie apocalypse is preparation and ready at all times.

Thanks to Matthew Santoro for creating and posting this video.

Below this video is a brief list of the zombie survival tips, but we recommend you watch the full video below.


10 Ways How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Don’t Go Solo

    • Staying in a group makes supply runs easier and is more intimidating against marauding survivors. More allies mean more lookouts and protection generally. But, the bad side is that there is more potential for conflict amongst the group. There is always that one person who may get bitten by a zombie and try to hide it. Therefore turning into a sneaky zombie bringing harm to the same group they were supposed to help.

  2. Go Up, Not Down

    • Zombies generally have a much harder time walking up stairs or climbing, so the better strategy is to always go upward as your backup plan.

  3. Practice Room Clearing

    • Practice clearing rooms of pretend-zombies so that the team doing runs gains enough experience to act accordingly in the real situation of clearing out zombies. Practice makes perfect, or somewhere around there. Check everywhere for traces of zombies, so they do not appear seemingly from anywhere surprisingly. Watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, we have seen a few cases of this.

  4. Learn Non-Verbal Signals

    • Zombies and zombie hordes are attracted to sound and movement so being as discreet as possible is the best way to avoid getting eaten by zombies.

  5. Pick Appropriate Weapons

    • Dealing with fewer zombies, you should try to use knives or blunt objects (bat, rock, etc.) so you conserve gun ammo. These weapons are much quieter and will not draw the attention of additional zombies from around the area.

  6. Have Fun

    • Try to relieve some stress and relax your mind even for a little. Some people grow vegetables or try to raise livestock.

  7. Armor Up

    • No armless shirts and short pants or mini skirts if you can help it. Try to cover up every inch of your exposed skin in protection just in case a rogue zombie is waiting to bite you.

  8. Always Keep Water and Food on You

    • Always walk around with your survival bag. If something bad happens quickly, you will have primary supplies to sustain you for some time.

  9. Get in Shape

    • Getting fit and lean will help survive the zombie apocalypse because most of the time you will be fleeing zombie hordes and dangerous survivors.

  10. Start Preparing Now

    • Be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse today! Start prepping and getting ready as soon as possible. The CDC recommends you get your survival gear, food and supplies ready. Start getting in shape now. You want to live!

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