5 Scary Asian Urban Legends of All Time

5 Scary Asian Urban Legends of All Time

Check out these Top 5 Scary Asian Urban Legends list and video. From angry ghosts to possessed haunted dolls and trick questions. This list features the Okiku Doll, Kuchisaka Onna, Mae Nak aka Lady Nak, Aka Manto aka Red Cape, and Hitobashira aka Human Pillars. These urban legends are pretty good, and it is clear to see how they have scared so many through the years.

Thanks to Off the Great Wall for creating and posting this video.

A brief description of each Scary Urban Legend is listed below this video.


Top 5 Scariest Asian Urban Legends of All Time

  1. Okiku Doll (Japan) - This Asain haunted doll is said to be possessed by the dead sister of a man who brought the haunted doll to a local temple in 1938. The doll’s hair is made of human hair that continuously grows and needs cutting. The doll still resides at the temple to this day.
  2. Kuchisaka Onna (Japan) - A lady that children encounter when they walk home at night.
    She wears a surgical mask asking them "Am I pretty?"
    - If you say "no" she immediately kills you!
    - If you reply yes, she will remove the mask revealing her mangled mouth and face now asking "Am I pretty now?"
    --If you answer "no," she kills you.
    --If you answer "yes," she will mutilate your face to match hers.
    The only way to escape is to tell her you are late for something important and she will politely excuse herself and leave you alone.
  3. Mae Nak aka Lady Nak (Thailand) - A local man left his pregnant wife to join the war, and when he came back no one spoke to him from the village. He then noticed that his wife was able to do strange things. He asked around and found out that is wife and child had both died during childbirth. Anyone who tried to tell him was immediately killed by the ghost of his late wife. She tracked down her husband but could not enter the temple he was in so started to terrorize the local villagers. A monk captured Mae Nak aka Lady Nak in a sacred wristband.
  4. Aka Manto aka Red Cape (Japan) - It is said in Japan that you should not use the very last stall in the bathroom.
    While you sit on the toilet, you hear "Would you like red paper or blue paper?"
    - If you answer "red," you are immediately killed by AKA Manto cutting your throat.
    - If you answer "blue," you are killed by Aka Manto strangling you.
    The correct answer is to politely refuse his offer.
  5. Hitobashira aka Human Pillars (Japan) - This story involves the destruction of the Matsue Castle in Japan. The builders were having troubles building the Matsue Castle and was told that if they offered a human sacrifice, everything would proceed smoothly. A beautiful woman was kidnapped and buried alive underneath a corner of the Matsue Castle foundation. The ghost would tremble the Matsue Castle everytime a girl danced in the streets of Matsue. A law was passed to prohibit public dancing in the streets.