Top 10 Classic Horror Movie Icons

Top 10 Classic Horror Movie Icons

These Top 10 Horror Movie Icons were an essential part of many horror fans lives, turning them into young fans during the 80s - 90s and helping those fans to embrace the horror genre. Those fans grew up and provided the audience for the colossal horror genre we see today in modern horror movies, horror TV shows, and games. You can thank a great many horror icons for contributing. People like Robert Englund, Wes Craven, and Stephen King are just a few names listed in/below the video. We can add more horror icons to this list, but we are staying consistent with the video.

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I list each classic horror movie icon below this video.


Top 10 Classic Horror Movie Icons

  1. Robert Englund

    - Best known as Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

  2. Tobe Hooper

    - Horror movie director most known for directing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Poltergeist (1982), and Lifeforce (1985).

  3. Boris Karloff

    - One of the original horror movie icons.

  4. Stephen King

    - Fantastic horror author with countless books, short stories, and movie adaptations credited to his name.

  5. Christopher Lee

    - The amazingly talented actor who has played endless roles but most notable for his roles as Dracula in classic Hammer Films.

  6. George A. Romero

    - Father of the zombie movie genre with Night of the Living Dead (1968).

  7. John Carpenter

    - Horror director most known for directing Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), and The Thing (1982) among many more great horror movies.

  8. Wes Craven

    - Director and writer, Wes Craven is most notably known for horror franchises A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream.

  9. Bela Lugosi

    - Most known for creating the mold of Dracula in films.

  10. Vincent Price

    - Price has one of the most notable voices in horror movies even lending his voice to Michael Jackson’s Thriller horror music video and some Scooby-doo episodes.