NEW Underrated Horror Movie Gems On NETFLIX You Need To See [Video - Feb 2018]

NEW Underrated Horror Movie Gems On NETFLIX You Need To See [Video - Feb 2018]

Like me, you cannot get enough horror films and I try to watch as many horror movies on Netflix as I can. Sometimes you get some bad films and sometimes you get the hidden gems. Here are the hidden horror movie gems on Netflix you need to watch now. This list is comprised of many newer horror films like Stephen King’s 1922 (2017), Gerald’s Game (2017), Holidays (2016), and A Dark Song (2016) spanning back to The Lazarus Effect (2015) and Hard Candy (2005); the full list is below the video.

Thanks to Looper for creating and posting this video.

The full list of horror movies listed below this video with movie details and trailers for each film.

Underrated Horror Movies on Netflix You Must See Today!


  1. 1). Holidays (2016)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Holidays (2016)

    Official Synopsis: HOLIDAYS is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time. The film challenges our folklore, traditions and assumptions, making…

    Tagline: Every one has a dark side.

    Cast: Mark Steger, Ashley Greene, Seth Green, Michael Gross, Brea Grant, Kevin Smith, Matt Johnson, Clare Grant, Lorenza Izzo, Jocelin Donahue,…

  2. 2). Hard Candy (2005)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Hard Candy (2005)

    Official Synopsis: After having online chat room chats for three weeks, "Thonggrrrl14" convinces "Lensman319" to meet in person in a public place, they being up front that they are a fourteen year old girl and thirty-two year…

    Tagline: Strangers shouldn't talk to little girls.

    Cast: Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, Sandra Oh, Odessa Rae, G.J. Echternkamp, Cori Bright

  3. 3). Curve (2015)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Curve (2015)

    Official Synopsis: Mallory Rutledge is driving her fiancĂ©'s truck to Denver to meet him and get married. While driving in the lonely road, she talks to her sister Ella and decides to take a detour to visit…

    Cast: Kurt Bryant, Drew Rausch, Penelope Mitchell, Julianne Hough, Teddy Sears, Madalyn Horcher

  4. 4). The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    Official Synopsis: THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows a group of researchers led by Frank and his fiancĂ© Zoe who've achieved the unimaginable - bringing the dead back to life. After a successful, yet unsanctioned, trial on a newly…

    Tagline: Evil will rise

    Cast: Ray Wise, Bruno Gunn, Evan Peters, Liisa Cohen, Sarah Bolger, Scott L. Treger, Olivia Wilde, Sean T. Krishnan, Scott Sheldon,…

  5. 5). 1922 (2017)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    1922 (2017)

    Official Synopsis: Featuring shades of Edgar Allen Poe's ["A Tell-tale Heart" and] "The Black Cat", 1922, with a Bonny and Clyde sub-plot, based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, centers on simple but proud…

    Cast: Thomas Jane, Mark Acheson, Eric Keenleyside, Michael Bean, Neal McDonough, Peter New, Peter Hall, Bart Anderson, Cory Gruter-Andrew, Patrick Keating,…

  6. 6). Creep (2014)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Creep (2014)

    Official Synopsis: When a videographer answers an advert of the website Craigslist for a one-day job in a remote mountain town to video the last messages of a dying man. The job takes a strange turn when…

    Cast: Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice

  7. 7). Gerald's Game (2017)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Gerald's Game (2017)

    Official Synopsis: When a harmless game between a married couple in a remote retreat suddenly becomes a harrowing fight for survival, wife Jessie must confront long-buried demons within her own mind - and possibly lurking in the…

    Tagline: Some games you play, some you survive.

    Cast: Jon Arthur, Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Kate Siegel, Carel Struycken, Henry Thomas, John Ceallach, Brad Spiers, Michael Amstutz, James Flanagan,…

  8. 8). A Dark Song (2016)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    A Dark Song (2016)

    Official Synopsis: Sophia Howard rents a house in the countryside of Wales and hires the occultist Joseph Solomon to contact her son that was kidnapped and murdered by teenagers practicing black magic. Along the days, Sophia follows…

    Tagline: Not everything can be forgiven

    Cast: Steve Oram, Mark Huberman, Catherine Walker, Susan Loughnane, Nathan Vos, Martina Nunvarova, Breffni O'Connor, Sheila Moloney