What is The Creeper from JEEPERS CREEPERS? Complete Mythology + Breakdown (JEEPERS CREEPERS Trilogy)

What is The Creeper from JEEPERS CREEPERS? Complete Mythology + Breakdown (JEEPERS CREEPERS Trilogy)

What is the Creeper from the Jeepers Creepers trilogy films is a question we all have and director/creator Victor Salva has barely scratched the surface on explaining his movie monster. The creeper is a fantastic movie monster played by Jonathan Breck; watch this creepy Jonathan Breck Creeper audition video here. Is the Creeper a demon? Is the Creeper the last of an ancient hybrid species of hunters? Is the Creeper the only being of its kind hunting humans? So many questions and this video below does its best to explain the mysterious Creeper creature including the Creeper’s history, abilities, and weapons.

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Every Jeeper Creepers Movie Details and Trailers

  1. 3). Jeepers Creepers (2001)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Jeepers Creepers (2001)

    Official Synopsis: On their way back home during the spring break, Darry and Patricia Jenner witness a mysterious person dumping something down a tunnel. Deciding to discover what was dumped down there, Darry discovers a huge disturbing…

    Tagline: Fear takes a road trip.

    Cast: Justin Long, Patricia Belcher, Jonathan Breck, Brandon Smith, Avis-Marie Barnes, Steve Raulerson, Tom Tarantini, William Haze, Chris Shepardson, Tim Phoenix,…

  2. 2). Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

    Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

    Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

    Official Synopsis: Stranded on a lonely road, a schoolbus full of high school basketball players, their coaches, and cheerleaders must defend themselves from the Creeper - a flesh-eating ancient beast that resurfaces on the earth every 23…

    Tagline: Every 23rd Spring, for 23 days, it gets to eat. Welcome to day 23.

    Cast: Ray Wise, Justin Long, Bob Papenbrook, Joe Reegan, Nicki Aycox, Josh Hammond, Kasan Butcher, Diane Delano, Gil McKinney, Jonathan Breck,…

  3. 1). Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

    Movie Overview | Trailer

    Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

    Official Synopsis: Set between the first and second film, Sgt Davis Tubbs assembles a task force to destroy the Creeper once and for all while growing closer than ever before to learning the secrets of its dark…

    Tagline: Its time has come

    Cast: Diezel Ramos, Michael Papajohn, Jon Arthur, Thomas Francis Murphy, William Schaff, Meg Foster, Dave Davis, Ron M Patterson, Jonathan Breck,…