5 Mysterious Ghost Towns WE DARE YOU To Visit!

5 Mysterious Ghost Towns WE DARE YOU To Visit!

Looking for some fresh ghost towns to visit? Here are 5 mysterious ghost towns that are haunted, abandoned, and plain creepy. The video below includes pictures, footage, and full descriptions for each ghost town in the seemingly short 14-minutes.

Thanks to Top 5s Finest for creating and posting this video. Just in case you cannot watch the video below or if you want to quick version, I listed the Ghost Towns below with very brief descriptions of why they are scary places or just plain creepy places.


5 Mysterious Ghost Towns NOT To Visit!

  1. Helltown, Ohio - After President Ford passed a bill to expand and make most of the area into reserved park spaces often forcing people out of their home, the former town area soon became known as Helltown because it has highly active ghost activity, with cults and serial killers also lurking around. Thought to be cursed and a horrid place once dark.
  2. Novi Cidade de Kilamba - Less of a scary place regarding ghosts and other supernatural and on this list because of how creepy and desolate it is. A large spanning group of apartment complexes where most of the populace cannot afford to live here making it seem more like an abandoned modern ghost town.
  3. Kennecott, Alaska - Once a major copper mining town, now reduced to a desolate ghost town filled with local ghost stories about prime locations in Kennecott. Strange accidents occur every time Kennecott is under new development leaving the town to deteriorate further by the hands of the ghosts that haunt this town.
  4. Kangbashi Ordos, China - Another town that fell victim to overpricing and the fall of coal mining leaving behind another modern ghost town where the town is eerily deserted and creepy.
  5. Pyramiden - Hidden amongst a string of islands in the Arctic and was one of the most northern settlements in the world. Many of the settlements seem as though everyone just picked up and left seemingly overnight even though it was proven that the abandonment was over the course of a few years.