Top 10 Horror Movies Inspired By True Events

Top 10 Horror Movies Inspired By True Events

Here is a list of the Top 10 Horror Movies Inspired By True Events with films including strange things falling from the skies, malevolent spirits attacking humans, killer sharks on the beach, killer cannibal family, poltergeist demons, and other scary events that spawned these movies. The Girl Next Door (2007) had to be the most heart-wrenching in this top list focusing on a young girl who was severely abused by her aunt and cousins. A few demon movies are on this list including The Entity (1982), The Conjuring (2013), and The Exorcist (1973). As a whole, this list includes many horror films with replay value so I know you will appreciate these movies.

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Top Horror Movies Inspired By True Events

  1. 10). The Blob (1958)

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    The Blob (1958)

    Official Synopsis: A mysterious creature from another planet, resembling a giant blob of jelly, lands on earth. The people of a nearby small town refuse to listen to some teenagers who have witnessed the blob's destructive power.…

    Tagline: Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor.

    Cast: John Benson, Ralph Roseman, Tony Franke, Charlie Overdorff, Steve McQueen, David Metcalf, Aneta Corsaut, Josh Randolph, Earl Rowe, George Gerbereck,…

  2. 9). The Entity (1982)

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    The Entity (1982)

    Official Synopsis: Carla Moran awakens one night to find herself being beaten and raped by an unseen presence. Terrified of what's happening to her, and shunned by friends and family who think she's lost her mind, she…

    Tagline: There is no escape from something you cannot see

    Cast: Barbara Hershey, George Coe, Tom Stern, Natasha Ryan, Allan Rich, David Labiosa, Margaret Blye, Curt Lowens, Amy Kirkpatrick, Raymond Singer,…

  3. 8). Jaws (1975)

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    Jaws (1975)

    Official Synopsis: It's a hot summer on Amity Island, a small community whose main business is its beaches. When new Sheriff Martin Brody discovers the remains of a shark attack victim, his first inclination is to close…

    Tagline: Amity Island had everything. Clear skies. Gentle surf. Warm water. People flocked there every summer. It was the perfect feeding ground.

    Cast: Joseph Oliveira, Roy Scheider, Robin Eddins, Jeffrey Kramer, Fritzi Jane Courtney, Steven Spielberg, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Cyprian R. Dube,…

  4. 7). The Amityville Horror (1979)

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    The Amityville Horror (1979)

    Official Synopsis: Based on a true story that was claimed by writer Jay Anson, The Amityville Horror is about a large house on the coast of Long Island where newlyweds George and Kathy Lutz and their three…

    Tagline: Houses don't have memories.

    Cast: Margot Kidder, Baxter Harris, James Tolkan, Helen Shaver, Murray Hamilton, Rod Steiger, Elsa Raven, Peter Maloney, Hank Garrett, Natasha Ryan,…

  5. 6). The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

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    The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

    Official Synopsis: A family going to California accidentally goes through an Air Testing range closed to the public. They crash and are stranded in a desert. They are being stalked by a group of people, which have…

    Tagline: Wes Craven's classic original!

    Cast: Dee Wallace, Michael Berryman, Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Virginia Vincent, Martin Speer, John Steadman, Janus Blythe, Peter Locke, Russ Grieve, Brenda Marinoff,…

  6. 5). The Conjuring (2013)

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    The Conjuring (2013)

    Official Synopsis: In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm house and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal…

    Cast: Patrick Wilson, Joseph Bishara, Steve Coulter, Millie Wannamaker, Jesse Michael Fullington, Vera Farmiga, Christopher Cozort, Shannon Kook, Sterling Jerins, Felix…

  7. 4). The Girl Next Door (2007)

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    The Girl Next Door (2007)

    Official Synopsis: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

    Tagline: In this town murder became the neighborhood game

    Cast: Mark Margolis, William Atherton, Daniel Manche, Jennifer Alexander, Michael Zegen, Kevin Chamberlin, J.M. Parkhurst, Irene Katehis, Michael Nardella, Alana Rader,…

  8. 3). The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

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    The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

    Official Synopsis: John Klein is involved in a car accident with his wife, but while he is unharmed, his wife mentions a moth shaped creature appearing. After her death, John begins to investigate the secrets behind this…

    Tagline: What do you see?

    Cast: John W. Iwanonkiw, Laura Linney, Sam Nicotero, Tim Hartman, Zachary Mott, Rohn Thomas, Sara Brooks, Dwayne Pintoff, Matt Miller, Tony…

  9. 2). The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

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    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

    Official Synopsis: En route to visit their grandfather's grave (which has apparently been ritualistically desecrated), five teenagers drive past a slaughterhouse, pick up (and quickly drop) a sinister hitch-hiker, eat some delicious home-cured meat at a roadside…

    Tagline: The idyllic summer's day that became a nightmare of fear and blood... [UK Video]

    Cast: John Larroquette, Marilyn Burns, William Vail, Gunnar Hansen, Jim Siedow, Paul A. Partain, John Dugan, Perry Lorenz, Levie Isaacks, Edwin…

  10. 1). The Exorcist (1973)

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    The Exorcist (1973)

    Official Synopsis: A visiting actress in Washington, D.C., notices dramatic and dangerous changes in the behavior and physical make-up of her 12-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, a young priest at nearby Georgetown University begins to doubt his faith while…

    Tagline: The movie you've been waiting for...without the wait.

    Cast: Max von Sydow, Eileen Dietz, Linda Blair, Jason Miller, John Mahon, Ellen Burstyn, Donna Mitchell, Kitty Winn, Rudolf Sch√ľndler, Mary…