10 Creepiest Pages On Wikipedia

This Wikipedia list features the Creepiest Pages on Wikipedia, and it is a treat for all you horror fans and mystery buffs out there. This list highlights some of the most bizarre things I have ever read on the internet going into the darker world of horror with Black-eyed Children, Shadow People, Mothman Sightings, and many more.


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10 Creepiest Pages On Wikipedia

  1. Joyce Vincent - (
    One of the creepiest and saddest pages on this list. Joyce Vincent was found dead in her apartment after 3 years. For 3 years no one knew this woman had passed away. Her remains had broken down to a skeletal state when she was discovered.
  2. Flatwoods Monster - (
    The Flatwoods Monster was seen on September 12, 1952; in Braxton County of West Virginia by three boys. These boys saw a UFO crash into the woods and ran up to investigate. They discovered a 7-foot tall creature with glowing eyes and hissing.
  3. Wendigo - (
    The Wendigo beast is actually a human who has gone totally feral and animalistic after practicing cannibalism and eating other humans. You will never think of camping in the woods alone the same way again. This Wikipedia page has lots of Native American Wendigo legends and stories to read.
  4. June and Jennifer Gibbons - (
    June and Jennifer Gibbons were a set of identical twins who were mute to everyone around them but were able to communicate with each other in a way that only the two of them could understand. The twins concluded that for one of them to have a normal life, the other twin had to die. At the age of 30, Jennifer died of a mysterious inflammation of the heart. June was soon after deemed able to live a normal life and gives thanks to Jennifer for her sacrifice.
  5. Post-Mortem Photography - (
    Back in the 19th century and in the Victorian Era, many families would pose for pictures with their deceased family members for one last time. These photos hold emotional family but seem so creepy at the same time. The Wikipedia page is filled with such photos.
  6. Mothman - (
    From November 1966 to December 1967, the small town of Point Pleasant residents saw a human-like creature with huge black wings and red eyes which they dubbed "The Mothman." It is said that The Mothman was trying the warn the town of an impending tragedy becoming known as The Mothman Prophecies. The last Mothman Sighting was right before the Silver Bridge collapsed killing 46 people. However, the Wikipedia page mentions that Mothman sightings continue to the present.
  7. List of People Who Disappeared Mysteriously - (
    This Wikipedia page is ongoing and starts with the 1st century and continues to be frequently updated. People included on this list include reasons such as UFO abductions, wars, presumed kidnappings, to the more bizarre.
  8. Black Eyed Children - (
    One of my favorite urban legends that started in the early 1990’s - the mid-1990s where creepy children turn up and haunt folks. Either appearing on roadsides, front doors, and other means. The Black-Eyed Children are said to be demons appearing as young children to teens in age.
  9. Coffin Birth - (
    The natural phenomenon where a deceased pregnant woman gives birth to her unborn fetus because of the build-up of gases in the mother’s body.
  10. Shadow Person - (
    Have you ever seen a shadow person or shadow people out of the corner of your eye but when you look carefully there is nothing there? You may have glimpsed a shadow person. This Wikipedia page encourages that these beings may be ghosts, demons, aliens, and people from a parallel universe.