10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos

10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos

These strange unexplained videos are too creepy and are still mysterious to this very day. Some of the videos listed below relate to missing people which make those videos more unsettling. This video is a little over 10-minutes and will leave you thinking “what a strange world this is.”

Thanks to AllTime10s for creating and posting this video.


10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos List

  1. Sitting and Smiling - Benjamin Bennet is a Youtuber who has a ton of videos where he sits and smiles at the camera for extremely long periods of time. He even sat through getting robbed and even using the restroom; strange.
  2. Blank Room Soup - A video about a man who is forced to eat the contents of a soup bowl while two costumed figures seem to comfort him. Some people think that the contents were human remains.
  3. The Max Headroom Incident - An incident that occurred in 1987 on the WGN9 network channel was hacked twice. The man wearing a silly Max Headroom mask shouts at the camera and says weird phrases. The person behind the mask is still a mystery to this day, over 30 years later.
  4. My Sister - The lady featured in this video does not blink and keeps smiling the same quickly turning this video creepy. She tries on dresses and other things all without changing her face. The video then reveals that it was a creepy mask but the face underneath is even more unsettling.
  5. Witch Sighting - A strange video showing an old woman with a walking stick who screams in an unearthly tone. Some folks believe it is supernatural witchcraft at work.
  6. Grave Robbing for Morons - A 26-minute video where a man describes in shocking detail how to rob graves and handle the bones.
  7. Deeper - Rather a collection of YouTube videos from the deeper channel that houses many eerie videos.
  8. Lisa Holm - A YouTube channel that was created using the same name as a missing girl with a countdown video.
  9. Elisa Lam - The last recorded video of a woman from an elevator camera as she freaks out going to numerous floors before being discovered days later in the water tank atop the hotel’s roof. Her body was found decomposing in the water tank. How did she get access to the roof and then more importantly, inside the water tank?
  10. Mr. 112 Dirtbag - Another missing person case but this video is from a YouTuber named 112dirtbag who uploaded a video of a man laughing into the camera with the title Happy Anniversary. Police were unable to link him to the disappearance of Maura Murray, and he was dismissed.