5 Scary Demons You Should Never Summon

5 Scary Demons You Should Never Summon

Playing with supernatural forces and summoning demons are the worst things you can do. These following demons are at the top of the list of scary demons you should never summon. This is just a small set of the demons we have listed but you can find the entire list here. With a current list of 400+ and new additions added frequently, check back for new updates. As usual, never mention a demons name aloud as it may be summoned unintentionally and to great despair.

Scary Demons You Should Never Summon Ever!

  1. Belial - The demon Belial is referenced to such evil that some people may even interchange Belial with the Devil at times.

    in Hebrew translates to "worthless" or "yokeless."

    Belial is known as the "Leader of the Sons of Darkness" in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Belial is described as both "The King of Evil" and "The Prince of Darkness" in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    Belial is also known as "The Lord of Lies" and "The Master of Deceit."

    In the Satanic Bible, Belial is suggested to translate as "without a master" and symbolizes independence and self-sufficiency.
  2. Surgat - In Latin Surgat translates to "Rise" while being the manifestation of rebellion and opposition.

    Surgat is a minor demon who gained fame through his battle with Pope Honorius the Third. Pope Honorius the Third became obsessed with an oncoming war against demons. He would summon demons on purpose then immediately banish them back to Hell. The demon Surgat was the last demon that the Pope wrote down. For all other demons, The Pope wrote down each demon’s weakness and strengths, but for Surgat, The Pope only wrote down that Surget has "the power to open all locks."

    Did Surgat have the power to trick The Pope a kill him?
  3. Berith - Berith is a Grand Duke of Hell and in command of 26 legions of demons.

    Berith is a very formidable liar.

    The Conjurer needs to wear a silver ring and hold the silver ring clearly to their face in respect of being in the presence of a Duke. If the silver ring is not visible, Berith will immediately consume the conjurer for not paying the proper respects.

    Berith is often seen as a soldier wearing red clothes on a red horse while wearing a golden crown atop his head.

    Berith thrives on corrupting those who crave great power.
  4. Pazuzu - Pazuzu was made famous as the demon possessing Regan (Linda Blair) in The Exorcist (1973) but is actually based on a great ancient evil. Pazuzu is the King of the Demons of the Wind dating back to ancient times in Mesopotamia.

    Pazuzu is mostly depicted as having the body of a man, the head of a dog, and the talons of an eagle.

    Pazuzu is known for corrupting the purest of hearts and often possesses children for sport and fun.

    Pazuzu is said to predate most other demons and may be an original evil from the abyss that somehow became tied to the Earth. Pazuzu is mentioned in ancient texts from Mesopotamia, Sumeria, and Babylon.

    Pazuzu is mentioned as a savior and protector while some mention him in the most fear and state that he should never be summoned.
  5. Azazel - Azazel is called by many other names including Baphomet and his mainly depicted with a close association with goats.

    In the Dead Sea Scrolls, Azazel is referenced in the Book of Giants.

    Azazel is connected with the Fall of Angels (Fallen Angels).

    He is known for teaching men the art of war and women witchcraft.

    Azazel is heavily mentioned in demon possession cases.

Especially beware of this list of the scariest demons that you should never summon and stay safe.