Adam Kozad Rewrites Joseph Kosinski's 'Archangel'

Adam Kozad Rewrites Joseph Kosinskis Archangel

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski may soon be taking on the military/sci-fi film Archangel was originally written by Andrew Will. With the writing process now starting, it will be at least a few months before the rewrite is able to go to the next phase. This makes the next likely project for the director will be Oblivion. Tom Cruise is currently attached to Oblivion. Archangel news should be gin to trickle in a few months, stay tuned.

Archangel is said to be similar to Men in Black with a strong military focus where the secret unit of military tracks down aliens that live among us. Adam Cozad re-wrote Dubai into Moscow and The Gray Man, which Brad Pitt was to star but moved on to World War Z.

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