Future of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

Future of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

It’s time to figure out what CW will be doing with the next fall season. It is no surprise that Vampire Diaries Season 3 will be picked up for the next season. Jared Padalecki was a little worried but Supernatural Season 7 will be picked up for next fall.

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries is the official cash cow of the CW network and has been picked up of course. However, companion show Nikita, may not return for a new season and instead it looks like The Secret Circle will takeover the spot. The Secret Circle is essentially the same as Vampire Diaries but but has a greater focus on witches. Same production company, same executives, and source material from the same author.

vampire diaries


Supernatural ratings have been weak but we all love the show, hopefully and that is why we will see it return for Fall. Smallville will be ending it’s 10-year run so that leaves a tv spot open. Awakenings will be taking that spot most likely. With everyone going zombie crazy, it was a no brainer to create yet another zombie tv series. Awakenings, is a tale of two sisters who come of age during the zombie apocalypse.


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