Top 10 Horror TV Shows of 2011

Top 10 Horror TV Shows of 2011

The Fall season of horror TV shows warrants a nice must see list. We have a lot of new shows in this top list. In the list of returning shows we have The Walking Dead (AMC), The Vampire Diaries (CW), Supernatural (CW), True Blood (HBO) and Being Human (Syfy). Adding to the lineup we have Teen Wolf (MTV) and Death Valley (MTV). Worth mentioning are The Ringer (CW), Fringe (FOX), American Horror Story (FX), Terra Nova (FOX), Grimm (NBC), The Secret Circle (CW), Dexter (Showtime), Haven (Syfy), Warehouse 13 (Syfy), Todd and the Book of Evil (Fearnet) but not really up there in my top rated list but you might want to watch them.

The Walking Dead (Season 2 - AMC)

The Walking Dead Season 1 was so good that anyone that watched it just loved it. Zombies running loose all over America and the episodes where we go to the city are just awesome. Fast paced zombie mayhem with great visuals and the settings always make you feel like it is a worldwide epidemic. The season finale left us with the zombie fighting crew traveling to the Center for Disease Control and the actions that took place there. Season 2 "announced that the second season will feature Grimes’ group of survivors leaving Atlanta for the countryside, including the Greene family farm, a setting in the comic book series."

Walking Dead Season 2 AMC 2011

The Vampire Diaries (Season 3 - CW)

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries started with "The Birthday" and immediately kicked us with a gory Stefan who is dubbed "The Ripper." Why, because when he gets into the vampire sucking crazed mode, he drinks so deeply that he just pops the heads off his victims. Stefan is paired with the evil hybrid vampire-werewolf Klaus. Elena and Damon are searching for Stefan in their own ways. Rumors say Caroline and Matt may have some steamy scenes while there is major sexual tensions between Caroline and Tyler. Jeremy is seeing ghosts of his old girl friends. Looks like we are going to have a great Vampire Diaries season.

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries Poster

Supernatural (Season 7 - CW)

Supernatural was thought to end at season 5 but due to horror fans demand, CW simply just went along and extended the TV series. The season finale ended with Cass becoming God. This season promises to unleash an all out war in heaven with the continuing war with hell. Will heavens forces be too preoccupied with their civil war to notice hell winning the war. I can’t wait to see where the Winchester brothers tie into all the pandemonium.


True Blood (Season 4 - HBO)

True Blood has become a serious over the top favorite of mine with all the gory scenes, crazy sex scenes, nudity and in your face action and dialogue while still staying true to the horror genre. Season 4 features vampires, werewolves, witches, an evil fairy race and shape shifters. What’s next, zombies? This season so far has been a little less over the top and even featured the vampires Eric Northman and Bill Compton shooting a witch to death, vampire killing like the mob is a little low but let’s see what happens in later episodes.

true blood season 4 poster

Teen Wolf (Season 1 - MTV)

MTV comes out with the teen werewolf fix that we needed. Featuring lots of that romantic teens in love like Twilight that is popular today. Filled with great werewolf fights and werewolf hunters with a story line that leaves you guessing who the Alpha werewolf really is. Scott contracts the werewolf virus by getting attacked in the woods and must learn to harness his new powers, keep them hidden and get the hot girl in school. Friend Stiles is there to fill in the gaps with background information on werewolves and the cast really shines.

teen wolf cast

Being Human (Season 2 - Syfy)

Based on the British show, Being Human features a vampire, werewolf and ghost living under one roof trying to fit in and continue with life. Being Human is Syfy’s most successful winter season scripted series in six years.

Being Human 2011 Syfy

Death Valley (Season 1 - MTV)

Death Valley is MTV’s entry into the horror comedy niche and its funny as hell. Death Valley is about what happens when vampires, werewolves and zombies invade LA. We see first hand as we travel with the police like Reno 911 and see the funny skits of killing zombies, dealing with werewolves and vampires who trade sex for blood on the open market. The police officers have great scenes also of plain stupid moments and in my opinion bring everything together well.

Death Valley Poster

Once again, just thought we should mention the following TV shows that didn’t make the list because we didn’t like them as much or didn’t premiere yet. Tell us what you think or add any missing shows in the comments below.

  1. The Ringer (CW)
  2. Fringe (FOX)
  3. American Horror Story (FX)
  4. Terra Nova (FOX)
  5. Grimm (NBC)
  6. The Secret Circle (CW)
  7. Dexter (Showtime)
  8. Haven (Syfy)
  9. Warehouse 13 (Syfy)
  10. Todd and the Book of Evil (Fearnet)